Coronation Street to Emmerdale: Soap’s most unlikely friendships

12 Aug 2022, 20:58

Coronation Street, Emmerdale

In soaps like Coronation Street and Emmerdale, amazing things can happen.

There are times when the most unexpected things can come to life – and people can be friends with literally anyone, even if it’s unexpected.

Here are some prime examples of that…

Kelly and Stu are unlikely pals (Credit: ITV)

Kelly and Stu – Coronation Street

Nothing quite bonds friends like bin diving for food out the back of Frescho’s, or swapping tips on how to stay warm during a night on the streets.

Especially if both of who have been in prison for murders you didn’t commit.

That’s what brought our Kelly and our Stu together.

She proved her innocence – but will he be able to prove his with a little help from his friends?

Who would have thought that Cain and Liam could be pals? (Credit: ITV)

Cain and Liam – Emmerdale

Nothing about the middle class doctor with terrible taste in women should suggest he would be friends with criminal villain Cain Dingle.

And yet they seem to be some sort of pairing.

Whether it’s Cain’s history of grooming and abusing teenage girls, phillandering or violence, and Liam’s history with supremely dodgy partners, something about it just works.

And as long as they stick to the occasional beers then we’re all for it.

Tracy and Mary – Coronation Street

Cobbles killer and all-round venomous shrew Tracy Barlow isn’t exactly a woman’s woman.

She’s not even particularly nice – but her friendship with Mary Taylor is surprisingly sweet.

Yes Mary is a few spoons short of a cutlery set, but who else would put up with Tracy?

Roy and Carla have a beautiful Corrie friendship (Credit: ITV)

Roy and Carla – Coronation Street

We will hear nothing against this friendship – it is nothing short of wonderful.

Carla’s original friendship was with Roy’s late wife Hayley Cropper, and she promised to look after Roy after she was gone. And vice versa.

Roy has been there for Carla through psychosis, affairs and even when she thought she’d burned a boat down.

And Carla has supported Roy through everything with Nina’s attack, and his own crisis – or five.

Mary opened up to Kim in Emmerdale and became firm friends (Credit: ITV)

Kim and Mary – Emmerdale

When Kim Tate made her return to the village after decades away, she was lacking in friends.

She struck up a friendship with Rhona Goskirk – and then promptly ruined that.

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But now she has found a pal in Rhona’s mum Mary, with Mary choosing Kim as the first person she came out to ever.

It was sweet, surprising and a little confusing, but it just works.

Coronation Street usually airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV.

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