Coronation Street: 5 awful storylines that need to end – now!

12 Aug 2022, 20:51

Coronation Street, Debbie Webster, Summer Spellman

Coronation Street might be the strongest soap at the moment but that doesn’t mean it’s flawless.

The ITV show has a host of storylines that aren’t quite working.

Here are the ones we need to end…

Oh look, Summer’s collapsed again – just leave her! (Credit: ITV)

Summer collapsing endlessly

Nothing quite says ‘successful storyline’ as viewers hoping that Summer won’t wake up after her latest collapse.

She has diabetes – and we know this because she mentions it every five minutes.

And she doesn’t eat properly because she’s worried about her weight after taking insulin.

But no one seems to have noticed enough to get her proper help. She keeps collapsing and no one’s doing anything about it.

Next time she passes out, just leave her – it’ll be a mercy.

This is a double act we could get behind (Credit: ITV)

Debbie and Ryan

Never before has a faked robbery been so dull.

Debbie’s in debt and Ryan’s a bit bored so obviously they conspired to rob themselves. It’s tedious at this point and needs to end.

Unless it’s heading for an affair and that we can get behind.

Anything to give the great Sue Devaney a storyline, and Ryan Prescott some screen time. Just not a fake robbery, please.

Sally and Tim’s sex life

Is this Corrie’s attempt at social contraception?

Because honestly nothing would be more likely to get viewers to give up shenanigans than watching Sally and Tim talk about it endlessly.

It was better when they were dressing up as estate agent and desperate seller, and that’s saying something.

Coronation Street’s version of love’s young nightmare (Credit: ITV)

Faye and Craig

Whether she’s killing men during a driving lesson, or moaning endlessly about whatever life event happening to her, Faye is incredibly annoying.

Coupling her up with PC useless, Craig Tinker himself, was a stroke of genius.

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It makes it that much easier to fast-forward through them both on catch-up.

They have zero chemistry, add nothing to the street and it’s time to park them quietly on Rosamund Street where they belong.

Toyah’s part of Corrie history but she’s been through enough now (Credit: ITV)

Toyah’s murder trial

Hasn’t she been through enough?

Imran’s dead and she’s has no children anymore. She’s so lonely she’s bedding Spider again for crying out loud.

At this rate she’ll be begging Janice to come back to give her some company, and we don’t want that to happen.

Coronation Street usually airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV.

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