Stunned Celebrity MasterChef viewers distracted by Nancy Dell’Olio’s appearance on first show

11 Aug 2022, 17:25
11 Aug 2022, 17:26

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Nancy Dell’Olio was the unlucky celebrity to be booted from Celebrity MasterChef last night.

Fans were sad to see the star go after she won everyone over with hilarious quips about preferring to eat out.

But besides her iconic one-liners, viewers couldn’t help but get distracted by Nancy’s ridiculously high heels on the show!

TV star Nancy Dell’Olio was the first contestant to be eliminated on Celebrity MasterChef (Credit: BBC)

Nancy Dell’Olio on Celebrity MasterChef

Nancy was the first contestant to be sent home from Celebrity MasterChef.

The Italian lawyer lost out to Paul Chuckle, Faye Winter, Danny Jones and Kae Kurd in the episode.

But it came as no surprise after Nancy showcased her unrecognisable Bramley apples desert and her infamous Korean fried chicken on the show.

Gregg Wallace even joked: “Rather than a Korean fried chicken you’ve done a Nancy fried chicken!”

Nancy’s dishes sadly weren’t good enough to win over the judges and she was dumped from the show.

John sent the celebrity packing as he announced: “The celebrity leaving us Nancy. Love your heels, love your style, thank you very much- you’re leaving us.”

Nancy Dell’Olio distracted viewers with her high heels and messy up-do (Credit: BBC)

Viewers distracted by Nancy Dell’Olio’s appearance

Viewers were stunned by Nancy’s questionable shoe choice on Celebrity MasterChef.

The star decided to make an appearance on the show in heels, which wouldn’t be people’s first choice in footwear for a cooking competition!

Some fans even joked that her high heels looked like “stilts”.

Nancy cooking in 5 inch heels because of course she did #CelebrityMasterChef #MasterChefUK

— Ariadne 🦋 (@Ariadne_Reviews) August 10, 2022

One viewer wrote: “Nancy cooking in 5 inch heels because of course she did. #CelebrityMasterChef #MasterChefUK.”

Another said: “Those heels on Nancy, they’re like stilts.”

A third added: “Faye has worn the best comfy shoes for cooking… and then there’s Nancy in her 6 inch heels. #CelebrityMasterChef.”

People also made comments about Nancy’s hair, claiming that she needs to tie it back or it will “end up in the food”.

Someone tweeted: “Nancy needs to tie her hair up properly, ugh. It will end up in the food.”

Another viewer wrote: “Nancy’s hair, why isn’t she tying it back, John and Greg better watch out for hair in their food! #CelebrityMasterChef.”

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Celebrity MasterChef 2022 continues tonight (August 11) at 8pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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