Emmerdale: Shock pregnancy twist for Laurel and Gabby, predict fans

11 Aug 2022, 15:17

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Emmerdale fans are predicting both Laurel Thomas and Gabby Thomas are pregnant by Kit.

In this week’s soap episodes Kit was dating Laurel and her stepdaughter Gabby, not realising their connection.

He slept with both women and now fans think they could be pregnant.

Kit has been seeing Gabby and Laurel (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Kit, Laurel and Gabby

A few weeks ago Laurel began dating Marlon‘s physiotherapist Kit and things seemed to be going well.

However Laurel didn’t get a chance to introduce him to her stepdaughter Gabby.

Laurel played a big part in raising Gabby after she met and married Gabby’s dad Ashley.

Seeing Laurel had met someone, Gabby decided it was time she began dating again after everything that happened with Jamie Tate and the birth of her son Thomas.

In this week’s scenes Gabby got a message on a dating app from a man named Chris who wanted to meet her.

When Gabby went to meet Chris it turned out to be Kit, but Gabby didn’t realise that Chris was Kit, who was dating her stepmother.

Gabby and Kit’s date went well and they spent the night together.

Kit starting dating Laurel a few weeks ago (Credit: ITV)

Fans predict Laurel and Gabby are both pregnant by Kit

In last night’s episode (Wednesday, August 10) Kit prepared to cook for Gabby on their second date.

However while he was buying the ingredients from David’s shop, Laurel came in and he made out he was going to cook for her as a surprise.

Kit and Laurel went back to Laurel’s house to make and eat dinner. Afterwards they ended up sleeping together before Kit went to see Gabby at Home Farm.

At dinner with Gabby Kit told her he had a big lunch and that’s why he wasn’t hungry.

After their dinner Gabby and Kit began kissing when Laurel walked in.

Laurel walked in on Gabby and Kit kissing (Credit: ITV)

She was horrified to see her new man and stepdaughter together.

Kit tried to defend himself saying he and Laurel never said they were exclusive, but she told him that Gabby was her stepdaughter.

Laurel and Gabby were disgusted to find out they had been seeing the same man and Laurel demanded he leave.

But now fans are predicting that both Gabby and Laurel could be pregnant by Kit.

Gabby and Laurel both to get pregnant by Chris/Kit? #emmerdale

— BAS (@Bas51095594Bas) August 10, 2022

busted pmsl🤣
be a bit funny if Laurel & Gabby are pregnant to the ratbag.
who knows how many others Kit has on the go.
I hope the girls have the sense to get checked out.
makes a change that a storyline hasn't be milked TF out of.#Emmerdale

— Jehan (@1stLadyHooligan) August 10, 2022

They could both be pregnant

— Dernali 🇺🇦🌻 (@Dernali1) August 10, 2022

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