Annoyed The Chase viewers all saying same thing about Mark Labbett

11 Aug 2022, 12:44

Mark Labbett, The Chase

The Chase viewers all had the same thing to say about Mark Labbett‘s performance during last night’s show.

‘The Beast’ put in a seriously impressive performance last night, and fans of the show were divided over how they felt about it.

Four new contestants were on The Chase (Credit: ITV)

What happened on The Chase last night?

Yesterday’s episode of The Chase saw Terry, Diana, Beth, and Graham take on The Beast in the hope of winning a big cash prize.

First up to the plate was Terry, who picked up £2,000 in his cash builder round. He successfully evaded The Beast to take the money back to the table.

Next up was Diana, who accumulated £2,000 in the cash builder. Unfortunately, The Beast caught her when she was two steps from home.

Third up was Graham. He racked up £5,000 in the cash builder and managed to bring it safely home too.

Last up was Beth, who picked up £6,000 but went for the high offer of £43,000. She managed to win it too, bringing it back to the table in time for the Final Chase.

Mark smashed it during the Final Chase (Credit: ITV)

The Beast’s excellent performance on The Chase

Graham, Terry, and Beth headed into the Final Chase with £50,000 to play for.

Between the three of them, they managed to put 19 steps between themselves and The Beast, giving him a bit of an uphill battle.

“Not bad!” Bradley Walsh said at the end of the round. “Fortunately not great though,” The Beast smirked.

Unfortunately for the contestants, The Beast was in fine form last night.

He managed to answer 19 questions correctly, catching the contestants up with 21 seconds still remaining.

The Beast was full of praise for Beth, with Bradley himself even saying she could make a good Chaser.

“In five years maybe,” Mark said.

The Beast’s performance was praised (Credit: ITV)

Viewers of The Chase all had the same reaction to Mark’s performance.

Though they were annoyed that he had won, many were impressed and took to Twitter to reluctantly praise him.

“It’s annoying when The Beast plays well!” one viewer tweeted.

“Just watched #TheChase where 3 contestants were left with 50 grand in their pot. Then Mark (the Beast) romped through no problems to match their 18 points and scuppered their money. The look of absolute loathing on their faces! No wonder….. Great watch,” another said.

“To be fair to The Beast, nineteen with two wrong and twenty-one seconds left is an impressive performance in itself, but also highlights the extra pressure that’s there when the target is twenty or more,” a third wrote.

“Contestants = great stuff. But that was a let-off for Beastie Boy who smashed that,” another said.

One added: “That’s a shame,” after the team lost.

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The Chase airs on weekdays from 5pm on ITV and ITV Hub.

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