Stunned This Morning stand-in Josie Gibson ‘to marry older man by 2024’

10 Aug 2022, 14:21
10 Aug 2022, 14:22

Josie Gibson, This Morning

This Morning today saw temporary presenter Josie Gibson receive some shocking news from a psychic.

The 37-year-old was told that she’s going to marry an older guy by 2024 – and the star couldn’t have been happier.

Josie got some shocking news on the show today (Credit: ITV)

Josie gets good news on This Morning today

During today’s edition of This Morning, Josie and her co-host, Craig Doyle, welcomed astrologer Hagan Fox onto the show.

Hagan, a regular guest on the show, spoke to viewers who called in for the astrologer’s advice.

It wasn’t just viewers who wanted some advice from Hagan though – Josie was keen for some too.

After giving him her date of birth and star sign – Aquarius, for those wondering – Josie crossed her fingers.

“Please say you’ve got some food news for me,” she said.

Hagan Fox had a stunning prediction for Josie (Credit: ITV)

Hagan Fox on This Morning today

The astrologer was full of praise for Josie as he provided her with his prediction, branding her “such a beautiful soul”.

“It is about the mind, the Aquarian girls love a mind and they take an eternity to find a man,” he said.

“Ahh, not good news,” Josie said.

Hagan then referenced Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston, who took ten years to find a man.

Josie was rightly gobsmacked at this. However, Hagan was quick to reassure her that this wouldn’t be the case for her.

“No, not for you, because I’m going to tell you exactly what you should be looking for,” he told her.

Will Josie be married by 2024? (Credit: ITV)

Josie to marry by 2024?

Hagan then went on to tell Josie that she shouldn’t reject a man who is eight years younger than her.

“I like the olders, I like the older men though,” Josie said.

“Exactly and I’m gonna give you older. A man with a brain, 1976, you’ll melt. That is your nirvana, right there,” Hagan told her.

“He’ll probably come into your life by 2024… I see you being done, dusted and married by 2024,” he continued. Josie couldn’t have been happier.

“This is good!” she squealed, before telling Hagan there’ll be a spot for him at the wedding.

“You can come, and you can all come, it will be like a royal wedding!” Josie declared.

“It could be one of the people in the studio,” Craig joked.

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