Emmerdale fans slam ‘disgusting’ scenes in ‘sickening’ new plot

10 Aug 2022, 15:21
10 Aug 2022, 15:25

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Emmerdale fans were left deeply unimpressed and a little queasy as Kit bedded both Gabby AND Laurel.

Physiotherapist Kit got hands on with the stepmum and stepdaughter pair during Tuesday’s (August 9) episode of the ITV soap.

And although some Emmerdale viewers conceded they felt the sleazy two-timer is “fit”, many were thoroughly put off by his womanising.

A stepmum and a stepdaughter shouldn’t be this close (Credit: ITV Hub)

Emmerdale Kit sleeps with Gabby and Laurel

Fans saw Kit narrowly get away with his lascivious antics when Laurel popped round to see Gabby in morning scenes.

Wrapped up in her dressing gown, Gabby admitted a chap had stayed overnight – and he was still upstairs.

Laurel teased her stepdaughter by suggesting she should say ‘hello’ – not knowing Gabby’s new fella was also her new fella.

But Gabby successfully put her off, meaning Kit was off the hook and free to bed-hop for another day.

And he didn’t waste any time, either. He later popped by Laurel’s as she was hanging out her washing. Kit received a text from Gabby telling him she was looking forward to seeing him again, to which he responded similarly.

After lifting his lecherous eyes back up from his mobile, Laurel offered him a chicken sandwich. But he made it clear he was interested in a nibble of something else…

Kit has certainly been putting a shift in (Credit: ITV Hub)

How Emmerdale viewers reacted

Fans reacted strongly on social media, with many expressing their distaste on Twitter for Kit’s rakish behaviour.

“Might have to switch off, this is actually disgusting #Emmerdale,” one thoroughly appalled onlooker tweeted.

And someone else was surprised at how the newcomer keeps going, posting: “Jeez Kit’s libido must be HUGE! #Emmerdale.”

Others were both astonished and revolted by his duplicitousness.

One viewer called him a ‘dirty ratbag’ (Credit: ITV Hub)

“Kit sure does put it about the dirty ratbag,” one person said, adding: “pmsl when Laurel offered him a sandwich #Emmerdale.”

A second person reflected, adding a queasy emoji to their words: “Kit/Chris is a cheating slimeball… #Emmerdale.”

And a third, also using a queasy emoji, added: “I hope Kit had a personal wash before he went to see Laurel… #Emmerdale.”

This is actually disgusting.

Elsewhere, some viewers despaired about the character’s direction.

“Kit could have been a great addition to #Emmerdale but no they have to make him a two-timing git,” one tweeter wrote.

And another complained: “Kit’s a great-looking dude and could’ve been a really great addition. You’ve turned him into a sleaze, I just can’t! #Emmerdale.”

The Gabby/Laurel/Kit storyline #Emmerdale pic.twitter.com/URkB0AyAgZ

— Michelle Jones (@MeeshyJay) August 9, 2022

The Gabby/Laurel/Kit storyline #Emmerdale pic.twitter.com/qZSw17GUtL

— Matthew Chapman (@Matt528chap) August 9, 2022

And yet another person pondered whether Kit actually knows what he’s up to.

They tweeted: “I first thought that Kit didn’t know that Gabby and Laurel are related but I’m beginning to think he knows damn well and is loving it,” with an accompanying angry-faced emoji.

Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.

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