Coronation Street: Who plays Sean’s date Laurence? Where have you seen him before?

10 Aug 2022, 17:08

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Coronation Street newcomer Laurence Reeves met Sean Tully at a funeral last week on the ITV soap and made an instant impact.

So much so that both men have been trying to track the other down.

It finally works out tonight when a date is arranged.

But who plays Sean’s date Laurence in Coronation Street spoilers? Where have you seen him before?

Will Laurence win Sean over? (Credit: ITV)

Who is Sean’s new man in Coronation Street?

Unlucky-in-love Sean is still stinging following his last relationship with bully Frank.

But he instantly hit it off with Laurence last week when Sean was helping at Mr Pugh’s funeral and Laurence was one of the guests.

They found they had lots in common.

But dentist Laurence disappeared into the distance and Sean thought he’d never see him again.

However, Glenda could tell he was pining. She offered to track Laurence down.

After initially having no luck, Sean decided it was pointless.

Little did he know, Laurence is trying to find him too and tonight (Wednesday August 10) is spotted hanging around outside the undertakers.

George manages to secure a date for Sean.

Even though Glenda and Mary are beside themselves with excitement, Sean gets cold feet and decides not to go.  He insists he’s swearing off men altogether and it’s time to put Dylan first.

In fact, it’s Dylan who changes his dad’s mind, however, when he orders Sean to go on the date.

A suited and booted Sean turns up and he and Laurence get on famously.

So is it love at last for the Rovers barman?

Or will this guy turn out to be a bad egg just like all the rest?

Will Sean finally be lucky in love? (Credit: ITV)

Who plays Laurence in Coronation Street?

Laurence is played by actor and director Robert Shaw Cameron.

The Leeds native was born on June 26 1976, making him 46 years old.

He’s a well-known theatre director, having held the position of Assistant Director at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre.

Robert’s first Corrie role was back in 2011 (Credit: Coronation Street/YouTube)

What else has Robert Shaw Cameron been in?

Robert has been in numerous other TV shows – including a previous stint in Corrie!

He played a police officer back in 2011 who was involved in a storyline involving Tina McIntyre and Tommy Duckworth.

Rita Tanner‘s car was being towed and the officer refused to help do anything about it as the vehicle was illegally parked. He threatened to take angry Tina to the police station to carry on the conversation there and she relented and paid the fine.

Robert has also been in The Bill, Ghosts, The Basil Brush Show, Heartbeat, Where The Heart Is, Keen Eddie and Holby City.

His first TV role was in EastEnders: Ricky and Bianca, a spin off from the main soap. The action focused on show legends Ricky and Bianca reuniting in Manchester before she dumped him and left.

It was during these episode she conceived their daughter Tiffany.

Laurence played the part of Gerry, who Bianca owed money to.

This one may be a keeper…@itvcorrie @ITV #RobShawCameron #Shaw #Laurence

— Antony Cotton (@antonycotton) July 29, 2022

Antony Cotton is a fan!

Last month, Antony Cotton, who plays Sean, gushed about his new love interest on Twitter.

Sharing a picture of them together at the ITV summer party, he wrote: “This one may be a keeper…”

Fans were excited to see them together.

“Yes! At last,” wrote one.

“Absolutely, they make a great couple,” added another.

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