The Chase host Bradley Walsh and viewers stunned by contestant’s shock revelation

9 Aug 2022, 13:08

Bradley Walsh, The Chase

Bradley Walsh and The Chase viewers were left stunned by a youthful contestant’s revelation on last night’s show (Monday, August 8).

Plenty of those watching quickly took to Twitter to share their surprise, with many left in disbelief at the shocking revelation.

David was on The Chase last night (Credit: ITV)

Bradley Walsh on The Chase

Last night’s episode of The Chase saw yet another bunch of hopefuls take on the Chaser in the hope of winning big.

One of said hopefuls was David, who had a surprising revelation for Bradley and the viewers at home.

When David stepped up for his cash builder round, Bradley asked him what he did for a living.

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“Nothing! I’ve been retired for 20 years,” David replied.

Bradley’s jaw dropped at the revelation. “Have you?!” he asked. “20 years?!”

“I know, I don’t look old enough,” David joked. “No, you actually don’t!” Bradley replied.

Bradley was stunned (Credit: ITV)

The Chase last night

Viewers were as shocked as Bradley about David’s surprising revelation.

“Wow, he’s been dossing around for 20 years. I wouldn’t mind retiring at 50,” one viewer tweeted.

“Did David say what he did 20 years ago? I’m thinking policeman,” another said.

“Where does he get his money from to do all that travelling if he’s been retired 20 years??” a third confused viewer asked.

One viewer wasn’t as kind though. “If he’d said he’d retired at 65 I’d have believed him!”

Three contestants made it to the Final Chase (Credit: ITV)

What else happened on the show?

Unfortunately for David, he was the only one of the four contestants who didn’t make it to the Final Chase.

Though he won £6,000 in the cash builder, the Vixen aka Jenny Ryan was able to catch him.

Meanwhile, the first contstant, Darren, won £5,000 and Maykana won £5,000 too.

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Kate wowed viewers by picking up £60,000, meaning that the trio were playing for £70,000 in the Final Chase.

However, despite putting 16 steps between themselves and Jenny, the Vixen was just too good.

She caught them up with eight seconds remaining, meaning they went home empty handed.

The Chase airs on weekdays from 5pm on ITV and ITV Hub.

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