This Morning viewers divided over advice on keeping clean during the heatwave

8 Aug 2022, 18:33

Craig Doyle, Gyles Brandreth, Josie Gibson, This Morning

On This Morning today, the presenters discussed ways to keep clean during the upcoming heatwave while still saving water.

This comes after water companies urged customers to reduce their water consumption in the coming weeks.

Suggestions included using a flannel to wash, sharing a shower or bath with another person, and jumping in a lake.

Former MP and broadcaster Gyles Brandreth joined presenters Josie Gibson and Craig Doyle to discuss the advice.

He described the “erotic charge” that comes from washing yourself with a flannel.

Josie and Craig were stunned by Gyles suggestion (Credit: ITV)

What happened on This Morning today?

Gyles expressed, “All you do is take a flannel – quite a rough one- water, just squeeze it and then…”

He then demonstrated scrubbing his arm with an imaginary flannel.

How am I meant to wash my hair with a flannel?!

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Josie began to laugh and declared, “I have never had an erotic charge from a flannel in my life”.

Gyles replied: “You haven’t lived, I tell you.”

Gyles also suggested getting astroturf instead of real grass. However, fans did not agree. 

Would you wash with a flannel? (Credit: ITV)

This Morning viewers were divided

Viewers took to Twitter to express their thoughts.

Some viewers were absolutely disgusted, with one saying: “How am I meant to wash my hair with a flannel?!”

Another stated: “Just have a personal wash with a flannel twice a day, like Nessa,” seemingly referring to Gavin and Stacey’s Nessa. 

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However, some viewers defended the advice, saying it’s not a new suggestion.

One viewer stated: “Can’t see the fuss having a flannel wash, that’s what people did years ago, it was called top n tail. People waste water having unnecessary showers.”

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