Set For Life results: Tonight’s winning numbers for Monday August 8, 2022

8 Aug 2022, 19:20
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Set For Life

It’s a brand new week, do you have brand new dreams about winning Set For Life? We have the draw results right here.

If you are terrified of coming into a HUGE jackpot all at once, Set For Life is the perfect National Lottery game for you.

Rather than a big payout, the win is drip-fed monthly, just like a salary without actually having to have a job!

It’s certainly a very tidy sum to be won with Set For Life. In fact there’s a massive amount of cash up for grabs!

This win, though, is delivered as £10k every month. For the next 30 years!

Imagine what a difference £10k a month income could make to your life. Above all, you wouldn’t need to work! And if you wanted to have ajob, you could therefore do it for love, not money!

So, what would you buy? You could have a house or a car or go on a luxury holiday with no expense spared. Sounds like a dream!

With this win, you really would be Set For Life!

Set For Life is drawn twice a week – Monday and Thursday night.

Set For Life results tonight

The winning numbers for Set To Life results tonight will be published live here at 8pm. If the numbers aren’t showing, simply refresh this page in your browser after the draw.

The draw is made at around 8pm, and the Set For Life results for tonight will appear as soon as the draw is made.

Is your life about to change forever?

Here are the Set For Life winning numbers: 10; 15; 22; 23; 41
Life ball: 07
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The National Lottery has four draws across the week (Credit: Geoffrey Swaine/Shutterstock)

Claiming your National Lottery Prize

So, say your numbers do come up, there are certain steps you need to take. Here’s the important bit:

Bought online?

  • Prizes up to £500: You will receive payment directly into your National Lottery account.
  • £501 up to £30,000: You will be paid online after confirming the card linked to your account by following the instructions in your winning message.
  • £30,001 up to £50,000: You need to call the claim line on 0333 234 44 33. Your prize will be paid by cheque.
  • Wins over £50,000: You will need to claim and collect in person.

Bought in store?

  • Prizes up to £500: You can collect from your National Lottery retailer. Please be aware that not all pay out above £100, so you will need to check.
  • £501 up to £50,000: You can claim and receive your prize at the Post Office.
  • Wins over £50,000: You will need to call 0333 234 44 33 to confirm your winnings and collect in person.

You must claim any National Lottery and EuroMillions draw prizes within 180 days after the day of the draw.

The only exception is if you follow the procedure which allows you to claim within seven days after the end of the claim period. See the National Lottery website for further details.

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What are the National Lottery Draws and when do they take place?

  • The Set For Life draw takes place every Monday & Thursday evening at 8pm
  • The Thunderball draw takes place every Tuesday & Friday at 8pm and Wednesday & Saturday at 8.15pm
  • The EuroMillions draw takes place every Tuesday and Friday at 8.45pm
  • The Lotto draw takes place every Wednesday at 8pm and Saturday at 7.45pm

The National Lottery and associated games are run by Camelot UK. While Entertainment Daily takes care to accurately report winning numbers, and other information, please make sure to check your numbers via the official National Lottery page. Entertainment Daily cannot be held responsible for any errors or inaccuracies that lead to any financial loss or failure to claim winnings.

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