Emmerdale fans all make the same joke as Moira details her sex life

5 Aug 2022, 13:09

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Moira has had her fair share of steamy scenes in Emmerdale, being the love interest of several men over the years.

However, in last night’s episode, viewers were left wondering which guy Moira was referring to when she spoke of all the unusual places she had ‘done the deed.’

Moira was sporting her best cow costume (Credit: ITV)

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At Rhona’s hen do, Moira was seen dressed up in a cow costume as she attended a farmyard themed party.

In a party game, Moira told her friends that she had had sex in “the pub toilets… and the garage, loads of cars… and fields, and barns, and the phone box at the top of the road… and the slide beside the village hall.”

The game was amusing to say the least but fans were quick to wonder whether Moira could have been referencing her affair with Nate rather than nights of passion with her husband Cain.

Barns for Moira – referencing her affair with Nate there 😂😂😂#Emmerdale

— Ryan Glendenning (@RyanGSoapKing11) August 4, 2022

Basically Moira does the deed everywhere bar the actual bedroom 🤣

Laurel up the mountain to be closer to god 🤣#emmerdale

— Emmerdale News (@News4Emmerdale) August 4, 2022


One fan jokingly added to Moira’s list: “And a tatty old caravan with your husband’s son, Moira. You forget to mention that one.”

Again, referencing Nate, another tweeted: “Moira, were some of those with your husband or his son or…”

Another laughed: “And a caravan, Moira.”

A final tweeter had some advice to make the party game even better: “Would have been more fun if they’d asked Moira who she was with at the time never mind where she’s done the deed.”

Moira was with Nate in the barn, remember (Credit: ITV)

Moira’s affair with Nate

When Nate first arrived in Emmerdale, back in 2019, he wasn’t immediately introduced as Cain’s son.

Initially having a brief fling with Rhona, Nate soon began spending time in the village.

He then got a job at Butler’s Farm.

Nate later got in a relationship with Amy but little did she know that her man had set his sights on somebody else.

It was at Butler’s that he got introduced to Moira, with the pair soon embarking on a steamy affair that shocked viewers.

Kerry, Amy’s mum, caught the pair together in Nate’s caravan and threatened to expose them.

Whilst Kerry kept quiet, Moira’s husband Cain, suspected that she might be having an affair but hedged his bets on the wrong guy.

He thought that Pete Barton, Moira’s nephew, was the culprit.

As Pete knew about Moira’s affair and didn’t want to have the finger pointed at himself, he told Cain everything he knew.

In true Cain style, he aimed to get revenge, breaking into a fight on a boat.

He was ready to kill Nate until he called him “Dad.”

It turned out that Nate was Cain’s son and came to get revenge on him.

It took a long time for Cain to forgive both his wife and son but now, the couple are back together with Nate establishing himself as a part of his dad’s life.

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Emmerdale usually airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour episode on Thursdays.

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