This Morning hosts Vernon Kay and Josie Gibson look emotional during heartbreaking phone-in

5 Aug 2022, 17:52

Deidre Sanders, ITV, Josie Gibson, This Morning, Vernon Kay

This Morning today saw Josie Gibson and Vernon Kay get visibly upset during the phone-in segment of the show.

The duo, along with Deidre Sanders, hosted a heartbreaking phone call with a sobbing viewer today, leaving them looking shaken.

Vernon and Josie hosted a phone-in today (Credit: ITV)

What happened on This Morning today?

During today’s show, Josie and Vernon were joined by Deidre Sanders for a phone-in.

The phone-in took an unexpectedly devastating turn when a caller rang in to talk about how her husband wants to leave her, despite her supporting him throughout his stint in rehab.

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Sobbing down the phone, the caller, ‘Karen’, said: “I got him into rehab. I’ve done everything. He’s lost four jobs. I’m financially trying to support him because I work full time.”

“My daughter has just taken him to rehab 10 minutes ago. He doesn’t want anything else to do with me, and I don’t understand,” she said.

Deidre tried to help as much as possible (Credit: ITV)

Heartbreaking call-in on This Morning today

After Deidre gave the caller some advice, the caller tried to apologise for her crying.

“Karen, don’t apologise,” Vernon said.

“How do you feel about him? It’s been 28 years, how do you feel about him now he’s done this?” Josie then asked.

“I still love him, but I feel so sad, and you two are so lovely,” the caller said. “I watch you every morning. You bring me back to normality.”

The caller’s words were a little too much for Vernon, whose breath caught in his throat as he turned away from the camera.

Deidre then went on to reassure the caller that she would speak to her once the segment was over.

Later on, Vernon said: “Really feel for Karen. That was a really emotional call for everyone watching.”

Vernon got a little emotional on the show (Credit: ITV)

Viewers react to heartbreaking phone-in

It wasn’t just the hosts of the show that were affected by the caller’s story on today’s show. Plenty of viewers at home were too.

“This poor lady. My heart breaks,” one viewer tweeted.

“Really feel for Karen,” another said.

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“Bin him off Karen. You deserve better,” a third suggested.

“That poor lady, my heart was breaking for her,” another wrote.

“Hope Karen gets the help she needs,” a fifth said.

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