Neighbours star shares Ramsay Street memories as she launches a brand-new soap

4 Aug 2022, 10:03


As Neighbours comes to an end (sob!), many of the stars from over the years been looking back at their time on the show.

Among them is Lisa Armytage, who was Dr Beverly Marshall in the soap during its 80’s heyday.

As Beverly, Lisa spent two years married to Jim Robinson, making her stepmum to street legends Paul, Scott and Lucy Robinson.

On-set slap

Lisa’s co-stars at the time included Jason Donovan, Guy Pearce and Kylie Minogue.

The actress reveals there were some memorable moments on set with the soon-to-be superstars – not least when she accidentally assaulted one of them.

“There was a scene where I had to slap Jason across the face,” she explains. “You’re meant to pull back when you do that, so the slap doesn’t really touch when you do that. Anyway, I forgot. The poor bloke ended up with this red weal on his face!”

“He was very good-tempered about it,” she laughs. “He’s a lovely man.”

The soap wedding to beat all soap weddings! (Credit: Rex/Shutterstock)

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During the time Lisa starred as Beverly from 1987-1988, when the show was at top of the ratings in the UK and Oz, and it seems everyone was gipped with Neighbours fever.

So much so it was sometimes quite overwhelming.

“There were things I realised I could no longer do,” she says. “We went to a school play with my husband and two children, and we were mobbed by primary school children. We had to escape!”

“When I went shopping for clothes, I had some dark glasses with me. Have you ever tried buying coloured clothes with dark glasses on?!”

Lisa’s co-stars included Alan Dale as Jim (Credit: ToyTube/Fremantle)

New soap role in Riverside

Lisa recalled her Neighbours days as she takes on a new soap role in audio drama Riverside, which launches this week.

The 14-part series is available to download, and Lisa plays Ruby, one of the residents of a small riverside community.

“It’s so good to be part of a soap again,” she says. “Riverside has that optimistic ‘Neighbours’ feeling. A sense of community at a time when we all really need it.”

Could Riverside be the new Ramsay Street? (Credit: Wyndham Books)

Riverside is the latest of many roles for Lisa since saying goodbye to Neighbours three decades ago, and she hopes the current cast will also go on to embrace life after Ramsay Street

“It’s a huge thing to lose all your security, your structure,” she sympathises. “Change is inevitable. The only way to take it, is to grab the opportunity of doing other things.”

Riverside is available from Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

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