Does Leyla die in Emmerdale and will Liam really leave her after overdose horror?

4 Aug 2022, 20:30
4 Aug 2022, 16:43

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Emmerdale fans were left wondering if Leyla will die after her shock cocaine overdose in tonight’s (Thursday August 4) dramatic double bill.

We don’t yet know if Leyla will lose her life or make a recovery but her husband, Liam, made it clear that if she does pull through, she’ll be alone.

Talking to Manpreet Sharma as medics fought to save Leyla’s life, he said: “Life is precious. If Leyla wants to throw hers away over some cheap thrill, she can do it without me.”

Leyla has been getting drugs from Callum but does she die? (Credit: ITV)

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Does Leyla die in Emmerdale?

He showed little sympathy for his wife when fellow GP Manpreet pointed out that Leyla was likely a regular user.

She said: “You found her home alone, that doesn’t suggest someone just dipping their toe in the water.”

As the truth sunk in, Liam spoke about his dead daughter Leanna‘s life being snatched away when she was murdered by Meena Jutla.

Will Liam really wash his hands of Leyla if she survives?

He looked truly distraught when he found her unconscious at home earlier in the episode.

After calling an ambulance, he tenderly stroked her hair and told her “I can’t lose you.”

But Manpreet’s words seemed to flick a switch in Liam and he made his cold declaration about Leyla’s future.

Emmerdale’s Leyla has kept her drug use secret (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile word of Leyla’s hospital dash – and the reason for it – quickly spread through the village.

What did the rest of the villagers say?

There was a sense of shock as the wedding planner had successfully been hiding her addiction from her friends and family.

As Leyla was carted away in hospital, Liam firmly pointed the finger at Suzy.

He told her, “Holly. And Leyla. Well done.’

A horrified Suzy Merton replied: “I had nothing to do with this.”

Later, Moira Dingle also let former drug peddler Suzy know she blamed her.

She lashed out saying: “No one wants you round here.”

Suzy, who has given up drugs and settled into a serious relationship with Vanessa, tried to defend herself.

She said: “Whatever happened to Leyla is nothing to do with me.”

Will Leyla find herself without Liam and Jacob? (Credit: ITV)

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Another person left reeling from the revelation that Leyla is a drug user was her son, Jacob Gallagher.

He watched in horror as emergency doctors tried to save his mum’s life.

Shocked, Jacob said he didn’t understand what was happening, “How can she be on drugs and none of us know about it?”

A grim-faced Liam replied: “I have been asking myself the same thing all day.”

Will Jacob feel the same way Liam does and cut Leyla off if she pulls through?

Could Leyla be faced with losing her husband and her son?

And who will Leyla turn to if the people she loves most in the world don’t support her?

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