Who is Sally Metcalfe in Coronation Street? How many times has she been married?

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Sally Metcalfe has been in Coronation Street for 36 years and she is nothing if not persistent.

As she faces a marriage crisis with husband Tim Metcalfe in current Corrie, she’s also got a lot going on romantically in Classic Coronation Street!

With Tim looking at porn and seeking comfort in Aggie Bailey rather than his wife, Sally is struggling to forgive him.

Meanwhile, back in 2001 on ITV3, she’s engaged to Danny Hargreaves, but ex-husband Kevin is determined to win her back.

So, just how many times has Sally been married in Coronation Street?

Will Sally get Faye out of prison – and get back on the local council? (Credit: ITV)

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Who plays Sally Metcalfe in Coronation Street?

Beautifully played by Sally Dynevor, Sally has grown in all sorts of unexpected ways. Most testingly both character and actor dealt simultaneously with breast cancer in 2010.

Since the genius pairing of Sally and Tim Metcalfe the added string to both Sallys’ bows has been their effortless ability to switch from drama to comedy.

One minute Sal can be collapsing in court over those shock guilty verdicts, the next she’s coaching her fellow inmates in Conversational Spanish. It’s been quite a ride…

Sally and Kevin were love’s young dream once upon a time (Credtit: ITV/shutterstock)

When did Sally first arrive on Coronation Street?

Sally Seddon was originally only intended to appear for four episodes back in 1986. It started with Kevin Webster accidentally soaking her with his van. 35 years later she’s still going strong.

Back then Kevin was Hilda Ogden’s lodger so Sally managed to get her feet under the table at no.13.

Hilda wasn’t a fan at first but when she clocked how bad Sally’s home life was she relented, just as long as there was no funny business with Kevin.

Even in her early days Sally was keen to move up the social ladder. Although she could come across as pushy this was mostly thanks to her own unstable childhood.

Could Rosie and Sophie be on their way back? (Credit: ITV)

Does Sally have kids in Coronation Street?

Daughters Rosie and Sophie, born in 1990 and 1994, have both given their mother plenty of sleepless nights.

The revelation that Rosie had inadvertently become a drug mule after doing a modelling job left Sally incredulous. As did Rosie having an affair with her teacher John Stape (who Sally fancied).

When Sophie came out to her mum as gay and then tried to elope with best pal Sian, Sally feared they were rushing into things. When Sophie dated Sally’s old school pal Paula she was even less impressed.

Sophie and Rosie though stick by their mum. They helped hunt down her troll, Auntie Gina’s stepdaughter, Leah. As Rosie put it: “No one makes a mug out of Sally Metcalfe.”

Both currently off-screen after actresses Helen Flangan (Rosie) and Brooke Vincent (Sophie) started families, Sally often talks about her girls. But will they ever return to be with their mum again?

Sally and Kevin were happy for a long time (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

How many times has Sally Metcalfe been married? 

In fact, Sally has only been married four times to two different men!

Kevin Webster can lay claim to being Sally’s husband twice. He’s the father of her children and there is still a strong bond between them.

They broke up after his affair with Natalie Horrocks and although she took him back for security for her and the girls, she ended up having an affair with Greg Kelly.

He was just using her for her money after she inherited £55k when her mum died.

But Sally gleefully moved in with him and they set up business together. However, Greg turned violent when things didn’t go his way and beat Sally.

When she eventually left, he began stalking and threatening her. He was later arrested.

After divorcing Kevin, Sally got engaged to Danny Hargreaves.

He had supported her through her stalking ordeal and a friendship eventually blossomed into an love story. They ran a shop together: D & S Hardware.

But on their wedding day, Sally confessed she had had a one-night stand with Kevin a year earlier and Danny ended things.

After a short relationship with Martin Platt, Sally and Kevin remarried for financial reasons and to give the girls stability.

Sally cheated again in 2005 with Ian Davenport, but Kevin pretended he didn’t know.

It soon became clear Sally and Kevin were in love. However, his affair ended things for good.

Jack, Kevin’s lad by Molly Dobbs (Vicky Binns) was just one betrayal too much and Sally and Kevin divorced for good.

Sally and Tim are made for each other (Credit: ITV)

Who is she married to now?

When window cleaner Tim Metcalfe came along he and Sally looked a classic mismatch. She was always trying to improve him, he just wanted a quiet life.

Lying arch manipulator Duncan Radfield almost destroyed Tim’s trust in Sally which was heartbreaking but together they have proved one of Corrie’s greatest partnerships. Even Tim’s nasty father Geoff Metcalfe couldn’t break them up.

There was a slight bump in the road (one of many) when Sal discovered Tim had got married in Vegas and didn’t believe it to be legal. The news meant Sally and Tim weren’t actually hitched.

But the pair put it behind them and married for real in 2020.

However, things have hit the skids again lately.

After Tim found out he needed a triple heart bypass, he failed to tell Sally, instead confiding in neighbour Aggie Bailey.

Sally was distraught he couldn’t be honest with her and they almost broke up. They worked it out, but now Tim can’t perform in the bedroom.

He has been looking at porn and Sally is devastated, fearing for her marriage once again. Will they split?

Abi and Sally became good friends in prison (Credit: ITV)

Sally’s best friends

Sally has not had that many great pals over the years. One of her best mates has been Rita who took her under her wing when Sally was pregnant with Sophie.

And her friendship with Gail has recently had fans in hysterics.

One of the unlikeliest pairings is Sally and Abi. Not every mate would get away with smashing you in the face but Sally was immensely grateful to Abi when she did in prison to buy her some time with her trial.

Sally was so grateful that she told Abi she could lodge with them. Turning Abi into a bit of a pet project, it wasn’t long before Sally had Abi role playing with Tim for job interviews.

Ironically, prison has opened doors for Sal. It meant she could even share jail time anecdotes with Gail over a few drinks in The Rovers.

Weatherfield’s answer to Hillary Clinton (Credit: ITV)

When was Sally on the local council?

“Metcalfe residence. Sally the Mayor speaking.” No job position has given Sally more joy (until it all went pear-shaped) than being elected Mayor of Weatherfield.

Before that, Sally’s principal jobs were at Underworld. She was a clerical assistant in the days of Mike Baldwin and has been back there as a machinist since her time in prison.

Sally loves to play shop steward and was the first to down tools and lead her fellow workers out on strike when Carla tried to outsource their jobs to robots in Milton Keynes.

Sally was innocent but found guilty (Credit: ITV)

When did Sally go to prison in Coronation Street?

Coronation Street is used to having its residents sent down for crimes they didn’t commit.

Sally’s reaction in 2018 when the judge gave her a four year custodial sentence was, though, one of the most devastating.

Sally was totally innocent and had been framed by Duncan Radford for fraud. Even Tim struggled to believe she hadn’t been having an affair with Duncan.

But the truth came out eventually and Sal was released.

Prison almost broke her. She was beaten up by drug dealer Marcia and thought Tim had abandoned her. But Sally Metcalfe fans know that she is made of sterner stuff.

Sally has overcome breast cancer, a minibus crash, and plummeting through the roof of Underworld.

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Gina let her sister down (Credit: ITV)

Where is Sally’s sister, Gina?

Considering Duncan framed her, got her sent to prison and nearly destroyed her marriage you’d have thought he would be Sally’s public enemy number one.

In fact that honour goes to her sister Gina. That’s Gina who helped get Sally sent down then tried to sleep with Tim whilst her sis was banged up.

“We used to be like two mud larks on a twig,” said Gina on the factory roof before Sally fell through it.

“Go away and leave my family in peace,” said Sal. You can hardly blame her.

Gina did in fact leave for pastures new, but the sisters were on reasonable terms when she went.

And Sally has since been to stay with Gina after the latter broke her ankle and needed caring for.

Sally and Tim are trying to make their marriage work (Credit: ITV)

What’s next for Sally?

Sally has really had enough of Tim ‘shutting her out’. She suggests they take some time apart.

Tim begs Sally not to give up on them and opens up with Aggie about his fears. She urges him to share his worries with his wife, which he does.

Sally is pleased he’s being honest when he reveals he’s afraid of dying. She’s thrilled when he starts reading a book about death, thinking he is tackling his fears and taking charge.

However, he’s not being honest, is he?

All this has come from Aggie and Sal has no idea.

How will she feel when she finds out? Will this be the end of their marriage?

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