Neighbours boss hits back at Kylie criticism as he explains her ‘odd’ finale appearance

2 Aug 2022, 16:33
2 Aug 2022, 16:34

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Neighbours head honcho Jason Herbison has spoken out over criticism Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan received after the soap’s final ever episode aired.

Excited fans of the long-running Australian show were left disappointed by the iconic pair’s lack of dialogue, especially Kylie’s.

Kylie and Jason reprised their roles as Scott and Charlene Robinson after over 30 years since their exit.

Fans felt cheated by Kylie Minogue’s lack of lines (Credit: Channel 5)

They were accompanied by their 1988 hit single Especially For You as they made their long-awaited return to Ramsey Street.

What were Neighbours fans saying about Kylie Minogue?

And while fans loved the nostalgia of the scene, many were upset by Charlene’s lack of words.

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Some fans even began to speculate that Kylie – now a global megastar, obvs – was being paid by the word.

But Executive Producer Herbison has revealed the truth about Kylie’s final appearance.

He says that Kylie and Jason only wanted small parts as they didn’t think it would be right to overshadow the current cast.

There was also a timing problem, Herbison told TV Tonight.

He said: “We also filmed their scenes before I’d written the episode, so whatever we filmed had to fit in with that.

“I hate to see Kylie copping any criticism – she was nothing short of amazing on the day.”

The iconic due returned after more than 30 years (credit: Channel 5)

Well said, that man.

Charlene’s lack of words confused social media users

Fans were left baffled after the emotional grand finale last month when Charlene only uttered four words.

They were “Home sweet home” and Harold. (Although we’re not convinced the Harold attributed to Charlene was Kylie!)

Feeling cheated, some fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment.

One said: “Why aren’t they letting Kylie speak?! #Neighbours”

A second said: “Obsessed with Neighbours getting Kylie Minogue back to speak about five or six words and nothing more.

“Excellent nodding and smiling though.”

It was an emotional moment for Neighbours fans (Credit: Channel 5)

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A third said: “They could afford Kylie Minogue but only if she didn’t speak. #Neighbours”

Another said: “Just seen the last clip of Neighbours – why didn’t Kylie speak?? It is bizarre.”

In other Neighbours news, it really, really is the end of the (Ramsay) street for the show as plans to demolish the set are in place.

And the iconic tours which have been hugely popular with tourists are also being scrapped because there will be nothing left for fans to see.

It looks like there really is no coming back for Neighbours. #RipNeighbours.

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