Love Island fans claim to spot ‘clue’ Gemma and Luca have already split

2 Aug 2022, 18:21

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Love Island fans appear to be convinced Gemma Owen and Luca Bish have split already,

Gemma and Luca came second during last night’s Love Island final on ITV2 (August 1).

Luca hasn’t been a favourite among fans, and his treatment of women on the show sparked numerous complaints.

When they lost out on first place, ITV2 viewers claimed that Luca appeared particularly unimpressed.

Now, in the hours after the show, fans are starting to believe the couple have already split.

Fans are convinced Gemma and Owen have split (Credit: ITV)

Gemma and Luca: Have they split?

The first post on Gemma’s Instagram page following her exit from the show made absolutely no mention of her other half.

“Words can’t describe how proud we all are of Gemma. She has shown the nation how mature, honest and classy she truly is,” started the caption alongside a solo snap of Gemma.

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A post shared by GEMMA OWEN (@gemowen_1)

“From the bottom of our hearts thank you for all the love and support…Gemma is going to be SO overwhelmed. We are passing this back to Gemma now…

“We have loved running her account and being part of her @loveisland journey. And we can’t wait for what the future holds #LoveIsland #TeamGemma,” ended the caption.

Meanwhile, Luca was nowhere to be seen in Gemma’s first post (Credit: ITV)

Fans react

As a result of Luca’s absence, some of Gemma’s followers rushed to comment and question why her man was nowhere to be seen or heard.

“Gemma’s handlers put a picture up of just her, with the #TeamGemma… I’m telling you all from now, all Luca is leaving with is an advertising deal with Bird’s Eye fish,” claimed one fan.

“She’s already dropped him out #LoveIsland,” alleged a second.

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Furthermore, a third said: “Like Gemma and Luca haven’t already split up with Gemma filing for a restraining order already? Oh please!! Ekinde will last longer than Owen and Bish!”

“You already know Luca and Gemma split up the second cameras stopped rolling,” laughed a fourth.

However, not everyone felt the same.

One fan said: “Runners up have more success and last the longest.”

Another added: “Her and Luca are the best.”

A third commented: “Love you and Luca together – my winners.”

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