Loose Women fans completely divided over tattoos for toddlers debate

2 Aug 2022, 18:11

Coleen Nolan, Gloria Hunniford, Loose Women, Ruth Langsford

Loose Women viewers were divided over a question about temporary tattoos for tots today (August 2), with a poll being split 50/50.

Ruth Langsford posed the question: “Now how do you feel about this, temporary tattoos for tots?”

And neither the Loose Women ladies – nor the viewers – held back.

Many of the panellists believed it was ‘just a bit of fun’ (Credit: ITV

Loose Women panellists agreed it was a ‘bit of fun’

Ruth turned the question to Sophie Morgan, who is a big fan of tattoos.

Sophie told Ruth: “I love it. It’s fun. I mean, I love tattoos, so I would kinda like this. They’re only temporary, and it is just for a bit of fun.

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“I mean, looking at those little boys, I bet they look up to loads of footballers and see them covered in tattoos.”

She then continued by expressing: “Tattoos have always carried a stigma which I think is slowly changing.

“Rhat’s why I suppose maybe you might look at it and go ‘oh god, I really don’t like the look of that’.”

However, she added: “But for me, it’s a form of decoration.”

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Gloria Hunniford chimed in, saying: “All my parental life, I wanted to stop them getting tattoos and piercings… because they’re so difficult to remove… but now I want a tattoo.”

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Coleen Nolan added: “I think the problem with these ones is they are almost full body tattoos, and when we were kids, they were the little stick-on transfers

“And also because they look very grown up, but, like you, I think it’s because they look up to footballers or pop stars or whatever, and it is temporary.”

Fans were divided

Ruth revealed that the poll conducted by the Loose Women Twitter page received a distinct 50/50 split from the fans.

She exclaimed that this was a “first for Loose Women”.

Fans got in touch with the show to express their thoughts on the question.

One viewer agreed with the panellists and stated: “Kids see their parents with tattoos, and you can buy stick-on ones for kids. What’s the difference?”.

Another said: “Temporary tattoos have always been around for kids, same as face painting, hair braiding, so what? It’s harmless as long as it gets washed off afterwards.”

However, one person said: “What happened to ‘let kids be kids’?”.

One person replied to the Twitter poll saying: “It was always a thing since I was a child, just like non-permanent hair colouring.

“Not sure why it is a debate now. Children should be allowed to have a bit of fun during summer holidays.”

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