Harrowing scenes as EastEnders moves to a new home tonight

2 Aug 2022, 17:30
2 Aug 2022, 15:50

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EastEnders fans can breathe a sigh of relief because it IS on tonight, it’s just not where it’s supposed to be.

The soap is doing a bit of channel hopping this evening and can be found on BBC Two at 7.30pm.

It’s temporarily moved homes to make way for BBC One‘s coverage of the Commonwealth Games.

Tonight’s EastEnders is on BBC Two at 7.30pm (Credit: BBC)

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The rest of this week’s episodes will also be on BBC Two, including a one-hour special on Thursday at 7pm, but keep an eye on your TV planner in case of any last-minute changes.

Why is EastEnders on BBC Two tonight?

Normal EastEnders service will resume next Tuesday (August 9).

Spoilers for tonight’s episode reveal that little Lexi Mitchell is upset when dad Ben fails to turn up at her birthday dinner.

When Callum and Jay arrive, Lexi plays them the voice note from Ben and they realise something is wrong.

A panicked Callum and Jay, along with Kathy, race to Ben only to find their worst fears have come true – they can’t find a pulse.

Paramedics rush to his side but will they be able to save him?

Not all fans approve on Ben’s coping mechanisms (Credit: BBC)

Elsewhere Zack tells Sharon that Ben collapsed and Sharon realises he’s been keeping something from her.

EastEnders spoilers suggest trouble for Sam Mitchell

When Phil returns, Sharon tells him the truth – that Sam knew about Ben taking drugs and has been letting it happen.

How will Phil react to this bombshell news?

There’s no EastEnders tomorrow (Wednesday 3 August) so Sam will have to wait until Thursday to face Phil’s wrath.

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, Ben’s recent behaviour has proven a talking point for fans.

Viewers know that Ben has been struggling to cope since being raped by barman Lewis Butler back in May.

Unable to process his emotions about the attack, Ben has turned to drink and drugs.

Not everyone who watches the soap has been able to understand the character’s response to such a traumatic event.

Zack tells Sharon about Ben collapsing (credit: BBC)

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And fans have been debating Ben’s recent actions, including his substance abuse and casual sex.

In a clip from tonight’s episode Callum is left shocked when Rocky makes a quip about Ben turning up with ‘some random fella.’

One fan confessed he could see Rocky’s point, saying: “I agree; although he was right about Ben bringing James home etc. There’s a place and a time and that wasn’t the place or the time to make a comment like that. Rocky’s not a saint himself.”

But others were quick to leap to Ben’s defence.

“Ben’s unwell. He’s not choosing to act like this – it’s a trauma response. Rocky’s comments were inappropriate and hurtful. He should’ve considered Callum’s feelings too, but he just wanted to insult Ben once again,” said another viewer.

EastEnders usually airs Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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