Emmerdale spoilers: Gabby and Laurel in cringe love triangle!

2 Aug 2022, 07:00
2 Aug 2022, 10:52

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal that Gabby has a new love interest after complaining about feeling lonely to her friends.

As she brings a new man back to Home Farm she is unaware of his connection to Laurel.

Why does Gabby’s new man leave Laurel heartbroken in Emmerdale spoilers?

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Somebody looks familiar (Credit: ITV)

Gabby’s new man

Gabby has opened up to her friends recently about feeling lonely as a single mum.

Taking her friends’ advice, she decides to dabble in the online dating scene but is ready to give up on her quest for love until she meets a mystery man called ‘Chris’.

After spending the night with her new fella, Gabby answers the door to Laurel, ushering her out of the house so she would not see ‘Chris leaving.

Yet to realise that ‘Chris’ is actually called Kit – the man Laurel is also seeing, the pair suggest arranging a double date.

Gabby remains completely innocent as she has never seen what Laurel’s new love interest looks like and is all for the idea.

Has Gabby been caught out? (Credit: ITV)

Kit keeps up the charade

Realising the situation he has got himself into, Kit doesn’t attempt to correct his mistake.

Instead, he decides to juggle both women, arranging to cook dinner for Laurel whilst apologising Gabby for being late to hers.

Laurel is very pleased to have moved on from Jai and be able to get back into the world of dating.

When Laurel asks Kit to stay the night he makes a move for the door, only to head to Home Farm for a second meal.

Will Kit be able to please both women without them suspecting anything?

Kit has some explaining to do (Credit: ITV)

Kit causes heartbreak for Laurel?

After a lovely meal and conversation, Kit decides to stay the night over at Gabby’s.

The pair share a kiss with each other, with Gabby beginning to take him upstairs.

Gabby’s pleased that her love life is finally back on track but everyone is soon left stunned…

Laurel turns up at Home Farm ready to give her all of the gossip on her night with Kit.

It seems like Kit’s finally caught out when Laurel sees him with Gabby.

How will he explain himself?

Will Gabby or Laurel be able to forgive him?

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