EastEnders spoilers: First look at all-new pics for Aug 8-12

2 Aug 2022, 00:01
28 Jul 2022, 12:31

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EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Stacey gets a shock on a very awkward holiday.

Meanwhile on the BBC soap, Suki’s under pressure, but has she found an unlikely saviour?

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

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1. Stacey’s awkward holiday!

Martin is unable to go when Stacey tells him they have to use a holiday they had booked before the pandemic today.

Stacey invites Kheerat instead, but he politely declines her invitation to the caravan park.

But then both Martin and Kheerat change their minds and an awkward holiday begins!

Martin and Kheerat begin bickering instantly and their trip away is anything but relaxing!

2. Jean returns

After Kheerat and Stacey fall out when he thinks he’s too good for a caravan park, they make amends and go to dinner.

However the family are stopped in their tracks when Jean is their waitress!

Stacey is confused as to why Jean is here and not staying with friends as they had agreed.

It turns out Jean is with Big Mo!

3. Will Jean come home?

Stacey is desperate for Jean to come home, but Jean is worried people will be gossiping about her.

Jean insists she can never go back to Walford after her behaviour.

As Stacey tries to change her mum’s mind, Lily gets involved and is emotional.

Stacey and Jean realise they have to talk to Lily properly.

As the family finally open up to each other, will Jean agree to come home?

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4. Suki blackmailed

Suki is in an impossible situation as Ranveer blackmails her.

She doesn’t know where to turn as she drifts further apart from her family.

Suki is unsuccessful when she tries to negotiate a lower lease on the Minute Mart.

Her despair is clear to Sharon who steps in to be a friend.

5. A new business partnership?

As Suki and Sharon bond, Suki spots a chance to manipulate Sharon.

Will Sharon fall for it?

They share a bottle of wine in The Vic.

But can Suki convince Sharon to lend her the money she needs for the Minute Mart lease?

6. Kheerat concerned

Kheerat leaves his holiday early after a desperate voicemail from Suki.

He’s shocked to see the Minute Mart closed.

Worried, he tells Vinny and Ash to check in on Suki.

But is she okay?

7. Kathy drops a bombshell on Bobby

Kathy has some bad news for Bobby…

He’s shocked when she tells him she’s selling Walford East.

8. Bobby and Dana back together?

Bobby tells Rocky he plans to meet Dana for drinks just as friends.

But Rocky meddles and tells both Bobby and Dana the other wants to get back together – do they?

9. Ravi’s son arrives

Ravi’s son, Davinder – aka Nugget – arrives in Walford and introduces himself.

Is he trouble too?

10. Chelsea teaches Denzel a lesson

After Howie’s son Denzel is mean to Amy, Chelsea takes him to task.

Denzel is put in his place over his behaviour.

Chelsea is stern, but will he apologise this time?

And will it be enough for Amy?

EastEnders usually airs Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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