Come Dine with Me narrator Dave Lamb’s forgotten soap role

29 Jul 2022, 20:44

Come Dine With Me, Dave Lamb

Come Dine With Me has been a British television sensation for years.

The Channel 4 show that pits ordinary people against other ordinary people with their homes and cooking skills put to the test has run since 2005.

Come Dine With Me legend Dave Lamb appeared in Moving Wallpaper (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

Over the last 17 years there has been a whopping 45 series of the cult show.

And it’s popularity is down to just one man.

Dave Lamb provides the show’s hysterical narration.

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Cutting, witty and savage as anything, Dave roasts the diners who are all just hoping to win a cash prize of £1,000.

He also narrates Come Dine with Me Ireland and Come Dine with Me South Africa.

And as well as all that he’s also a successful comedian.

Come Dine With Me legend Dave Lamb’s secret soap role

But did you know he also has a secret history as a soap star?

And not just any soap – but ITV’s big budget 2008 project Echo Beach and sister show Moving Wallpaper.

Dave starred in Moving Wallpaper as Carl Morris.

He played a put upon writer in the show which was a fictional look at the behind the scenes goings on at soap opera Echo Beach.

Dave appeared in two series of the soap series (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

Ben Miller co-starred as Echo Beach executive producer Jonathan Pope.

It was centred around Martine McCutcheon’s character Susan Penwarden and also saw Neighbours legend Jason Donovan take a leading role.

He played Susan’s ex Daniel Marrack who returned to the town of Polnarren to run a beach cafe with his children.

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The show also starred legends like Coronation Street icon Johnny Briggs.

It was the brainchild of EastEnders writer Tony Jordan.

Moving Wallpaper lasted two seasons, while Echo Beach was cancelled after just one.

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