Loose Women star Charlene White shuts down Carol McGiffin as tempers rise over ‘offensive’ comment

28 Jul 2022, 15:43

Carol McGiffin, Charlene White, Loose Women

Loose Women presenters Charlene White and Carol McGiffin took their turn to come to blows on the show today (July 28).

Earlier this week, Brenda Edwards was left shocked after a “dirty” confession from Coleen Nolan.

She declared that she didn’t wash the bed sheets after having someone to stay.

The following day Linda Robson “snarled” at Janet Street-Porter as tempers flared.

Their row was about fake grass versus real grass, with Linda erupting as Janet made a dig.

Carol McGiffin was shut down by Charlene (Credit: ITV)

Tensions rise between Loose Women presenters again

Today’s show was no less dramatic, despite only being 30-minutes long.

It’s been cut short this week due to ITV’s horse racing coverage.

Charlene anchored the show and rounded it out by leading a debate about the ladies’ favourite rom-coms.

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When it came to Carol, she admitted hers was quite a controversial choice.

She declared: “Well I like Shallow Hal but I hear that you’re not allowed to say that now,” as fellow panellist Jane Moore rolled her eyes.

“I heard people are quite offended by that film because she put…

“Gwyneth Paltrow [who stars in the film] is gorgeous, obviously, still, and in the film she had to put a fat suit, and Jack Black, who plays Hal, he can’t see…,” Carol started.

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Charlene then interrupted Carol and said: “Because he’s shallow.”

Stop Carol, we’re done.

“No, because he gets hypnotised,” Carol countered, as Charlene spoke over her.

“Stop Carol, we’re done,” she said, cutting her fellow panelist off in her stride and promptly ending the debate and signing off from the day’s show.

Carol, meanwhile, could still be heard in the background declaring it was her “favourite” rom-com.

Charlene White anchored the 30-minute show today (Credit: ITV)

Loose Women viewers side with Carol

Viewers at home were with Carol on this one, though.

“Rubbish. I loved Shallow Hal,” said one.

“I also roll my eyes like Jane Moore, at everyone who says you can’t say x y and z. Why can’t people say they like Shallow Hal?” another asked.

“Charlene is annoying,” said another making their point.

It’s not the first time the ladies have clashed though.

Back in April, they came to blows during a row over social class.

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