Emmerdale: Charity’s pregnancy leaves fans all saying the same thing

28 Jul 2022, 10:54

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Emmerdale aired a pregnancy bombshell for Charity Dingle last night.

It was revealed the mum-of-four is expecting her fifth child and is planning an abortion.

However, news of her pregnancy has left fans of the ITV soap all saying the same thing.

Charity knows Amelia is pregnant (Credit: ITV)

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Emmerdale: Charity is pregnant

In scenes aired on Wednesday July 27, Amelia Spencer went to have her own pregnancy terminated.

Amelia was clearly struggling and became upset and overwhelmed by all the questions.

Heading outside, she was shocked to see Charity at the clinic.

Amelia broke down in tears and Charity comforted her, offering to support her.

Charity explained to the teenager that she was there because she had fibroids, but didn’t mention her own pregnancy.

However it soon became clear Charity was also pregnant when she rang the clinic later to say she’d missed her termination appointment and needed to make another booking.

Charity was supportive to Amelia, but had her own surprise (Credit: ITV)

Fans call out storyline

Despite the total shocker of Charity’s pregnancy revelation, fans smelled something was off.

They all vented on Twitter about how ‘unoriginal’ and ‘predictable’ the storyline is.

After all, it’s not the first time Charity’s had a surprise pregnancy, nor booked a termination behind her partner’s back.

“This is the exact same as Declan! Charity terminated in secret and then it went downhill from there,” wrote one.

I mean can @emmerdale not give Charity another pregnancy storyline?
She has had one with every bloke she has been with in some capacity.
Boring as anything now #Emmerdale

— Lily (@AVFCLil) July 27, 2022

I feel Charity and her struggles with motherhood have been done to absolute death. So not here for this storyline for her #emmerdale

— Jess (@ifeelflames) July 27, 2022

They’re making Charity surprise pregnant again? JUST BURN THE ENTIRE VILLAGE TO THE GROUND AT THIS POINT! #emmerdale (literally no one has ever just wanted a child and gotten pregnant)

— Jenny (@ScrapyardBfs) July 27, 2022

Seriously @emmerdale has gotten so predictable and I don’t even watch it anymore
1st mary kissing ness
Now charity having toxic mcratface baby
Absolutely vile#emmerdale https://t.co/EuJKvLzqbO

— jodie (@VanityBallum) July 27, 2022

Charity’s pregnant. Who came up with this original storyline? #Emmerdale

— Rachel (@Rach_ld87) July 27, 2022

Of course they’d make Charity pregnant with Mack’s baby! 😠 #Emmerdale is getting so predictable. They’re just rehashing old stories. So the new baby could be hers or Amelia’s. I’m really hoping it’s Amelia’s & this is the end of Mack & Charity.

— Sam (@Sammy_S_C) July 27, 2022

Long-time fans will remember Charity fell pregnant with husband Declan Macey‘s baby.

She didn’t want the child and secretly had a termination, convincing him she’d had a miscarriage.

However, he found out the truth and took violent revenge, trying to murder her. Instead, he accidentally killed his own nephew, Robbie.

Charity also had a surprise pregnancy when she was in prison.

Debbie went to visit her mum and it was revealed Charity was heavily pregnant. The father was revealed to be Debbie’s on/off boyfriend Ross Barton and baby Moses was born.

Charity is pregnant (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Charity wants an abortion

Charity actress Emma Atkins has explained why her character wants a termination this time.

Emma said: “I think a lot of the time Charity just thinks ‘what’s the quickest way to solve a problem? To eradicate the obvious, make it invisible almost.’

“She knows she’s late forties, she’s already not been the greatest mum the village, people know that, so I don’t think she can really handle the idea of even letting the whole village know that she’s pregnant.

“I think there would be a lot of skepticism and judgement and she knows this.

“She’s not been the most successful of mothers, motherhood has been a struggle for her, she’s not maternal.

“She’s not been with Mackenzie long enough and because he’s a lot younger I think she thinks it will trap him in those sort of societal constraints of domesticity, which I think she’s like ‘well he’s not going to be interested in that.’”

Emma then hinted at Mack’s reaction to finding out about Charity’s pregnancy.

She continued: “Then what’s so interesting is when the audience eventually see his take, it’s extremely different to the one she probably imagined and that makes a really interesting watching.”

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Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour episode on Thursdays.

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