Ranvir Singh shocks Lorraine viewers with ‘dirty’ admission about her home life

27 Jul 2022, 10:50

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Ranvir Singh – who made a rare appearance with her boyfriend over the weekend – shocked Lorraine viewers with a “dirty” admission today (July 27).

The Good Morning Britain regular is stepping in for Lorraine Kelly over the summer.

And, after Ed Balls and Charlotte Hawkins handed over to her, Ranvir lifted the lid on her private life.

Ranvir Singh let slip a shock admission about her home life with her son and new boyfriend (Credit: ITV)

Ranvir Singh wades in on ‘wee’ debate

On GMB today, Ed and Charlotte led a discussion about saving water amid fears the UK could soon face a drought.

They asked if Brits should flush the loo after a number one… And Ranvir chipped in with how things go down in her house.

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“We have had a rule in our house that we don’t flush wees. We don’t during the day. We just don’t,” she said.

However, the shock admission did come with an awkward footnote.

Ranvir added: “It was sort of slightly uncomfortable because we had someone delivering furniture, and they asked to nip to the loo.

“I said: ‘Oh yeah, it’s just down there,’ but then I had to race past him like: ‘Wait! Wait! Hang on!’ and I went and flushed.

“I was like: ‘I’m so sorry we don’t flush wees.’”

GMB fans react to Ranvir’s comments

Fans watching the GMB debate appeared to be on the side of flushing after a wee.

On said: “Stop flushing wees ugh, that smell and stains! [green sick emoji]”

Another agreed: “People not flushing the toilet after peeing [green sick emoji].”

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“I’m all for saving the planet, but I’m gonna flush the toilet after I pee,” said another.

“How can you not flush the toilet – nasty! People’s houses must smell of a subway,” said another.

Others went further and called out Ranvir’s “charming” comment.

“So everyone now knows Ranvir’s house stinks of [bleep]. Charming,” said one.

“Yuk .. bet her house stinks!” said another.

“Ranvir doesn’t flush wees? You dirty [bleep]!” another declared.

Is it time for families to take personal responsibility for their water usage and stop flushing number 1s?

‘It’s the worst problem that we have of wasteful water’ – environmental activist Angela Jones.

‘It’s not something I’ve thought about’ – Interior designer Siobhan Murphy pic.twitter.com/W8ZeRaOOa6

— Good Morning Britain (@GMB) July 27, 2022

‘If it’s a number two it’s different’

However, some were on the side of Ranvir and admitted they don’t flush unless it’s a number two.

“Just close the lid down, if it’s a number two that’s different,” they said.

“If it’s yellow mellow, if it’s brown flush it down! That is what we work to in our house,” said another.

Ranvir Singh steps out with new boyfriend

Over the weekend, pictures emerged of Ranvir and her new man enjoying a day out at the races.

Looking like the perfect family unit, Ranvir and her son Tushaan smiled as they posed for pictures with Louis Church.

Speaking about her new romance at the end of last year, Ranvir admitted: “I’m really happy.”

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