Julia Bradbury makes health changes after being given shock odds of her cancer returning

27 Jul 2022, 13:15

Cancer, Julia Bradbury

Julia Bradbury has taken drastic measures to lessen the chance of her breast cancer returning.

Ina. new interview, Julia admitted there is a 28% chance of it coming back if she drinks four units of alcohol a day.

And, as a result, she’s given up booze for the good of her health.

Julia Bradbury has been open about her breast cancer diagnosis (Credit: ITV)

Julia Bradbury breast cancer could return

Almost a year on from her cancer diagnosis, Julia has revealed a healthy new approach she has taken to life.

Back in September 2021, Julia announced that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

A month later, she underwent a masectomy.

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In a new interview for Woman & Home, Julia opened up about dealing with cancer, as well as what she’s doing to decrease the chances of it returning.

Six months on from the end of her treatment, Julia has revealed that she is doing “everything” in her power lessen the odds of her cancer coming back.

Julia opened about her plans to combat cancer (Credit: ITV)

Julia Bradbury on decreasing breast cancer return odds

Speaking to the pubication, Julia said that she is a “positive person”. She explained that she is using her “resilience and health” to make a positive impact on her own body.

“People talk about the bad luck of cancer. Well, I want to increase my odds. I was considered healthy, but I was eating way too much refined sugar every day which is toxic and disrupts the hormone balance. Too much of anything can be bad – it’s all about balance,” she said.

Julia then went on to say that she’s now switched to a mostly plant-based diet. She also confessed that in the past, she hasn’t been too kind to her body.

“But right now, I don’t feel comfortable drinking alcohol because if I drink one unit of alcohol a day, my risk of recurrence is between 5 and 6% across my lifetime. With four units a day, it goes up to 28%.”

Julia has opened up on her mastectomy (Credit: ITV)

Julia on her masectomy

Back in October, Julia underwent a masectomy, in which two lymph glands were removed before reconstruction began.

Julia has now embraced her “pneumatic” boob, joking about it during the interview.

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“My whole mantra for life has become ‘be grateful for what you do have, not what you don’t have,” she said.

She went on to explain that she has a breast and a nipple, but no sensation.

She added that because she has thin skin, the silicone implant can be seen under the skin. However, she has ruled out getting surgery to sort it, as it would be “purely for aesthetics”.

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