Emmerdale fans predict Heath Hope is the father of Amelia’s baby

27 Jul 2022, 10:20
27 Jul 2022, 10:40

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Emmerdale fans have a new prediction about who could be the father of Amelia’s baby.

Last week 15-year-old Amelia found out she’s pregnant.

It hasn’t been revealed who the father is and fans have started to come up with different theories.

Although fans seem to think it could be Noah Dingle or Samson Dingle, some are starting to wonder if it could be Heath Hope.

Amelia is pregnant (Credit: ITV)

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Emmerdale: Amelia’s pregnancy

Over the last few months Amelia has been struggling with her mental health and body image.

She developed a crush on Noah Dingle, but he used her to try and make his ex-girlfriend Chloe jealous.

He planned to get Amelia drunk and sleep with her, however when his plan didn’t work he was furious and said some cruel words to Amelia.

She began taking a weight gain syrup and started to feel dizzy and nauseous.

Noah eventually went to prison for harassing Chloe, but over the last few weeks Amelia has been visiting him.

Amelia has been visiting Noah in prison (Credit: ITV)

He apologised to her for how he treated her.

But last week, Amelia was looking after baby Thomas for Gabby and she passed out with him in her arms.

At the hospital while Thomas was getting checked out, Amelia’s dad Dan wanted to know why she passed out.

She told him about the syrup and he told her she needed to be seen to by doctors.

When she was on her own, the doctor told Amelia that her urine test confirmed she’s pregnant.

This week Amelia decided to book an abortion.

Some fans are predicting Heath is the father of Amelia’s baby (Credit: ITV)

Fans predict Heath Hope is the father of Amelia’s baby

In last night’s scenes (Tuesday, July 26) Amelia went to the clinic and had a scan to see how far along she is.

She was told she’s halfway through her second trimester and is still within the dates to have an abortion.

Amelia booked an appointment for the next day.

But fans are still wondering who the dad could be.

Some have started to predict that Cathy’s twin brother Heath could be the father of Amelia’s baby.

I've just had a thought – Amelia's baby daddy isn't Heath is it? Cos he's about the same age as her #Emmerdale

— Doreen Morfitt (@penniless_poet) July 26, 2022

Okay – Noah’s not ‘a teenager’ so that puts him out the picture slightly. Only possible people right now are Samson or Heath

— Riley Collins (@RileyCo10852974) July 26, 2022

It’s too obvious to be Noah so I’m going completely out there and say Heath the dad #Emmerdale

— Michaela 🎬 (@Michaela_jayne1) July 26, 2022

Who do you think the father could be?

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