Loose Women star Brenda Edwards horrified as Coleen Nolan makes ‘dirty’ admission

26 Jul 2022, 17:06

Brenda Edwards, Coleen Nolan, Janet Street Porter, Kaye Adams, Loose Women

In today’s Loose Women (July 26), Coleen Nolan shocked her fellow ITV daytime panellists by admitting she doesn’t change her bedsheets for guests.

The final question of the day became a heated discussion about cleanliness as Kaye Adams asked: “Do you always change the sheets for guests coming?”

Coleen Nolan shocked with her comments on Loose Women today (Credit: ITV)

What did the other Loose Women say?

Regular Janet Street-Porter dubbed Kaye a “grubby minx”, claiming she must not if she’s asking that question.

Kaye then turned to Coleen and asked her the question directly.

Coleen then admitted: “If they’ve only stayed for a night, if my sister comes to stay for one night and then the next night my friends coming to stay…I don’t change the sheets.”

Brenda Edwards looked disgusted at Coleen’s statement, exclaiming: “I can’t even.”

Brenda looked disgusted at the other Loose Women after their dirty admission (Credit: ITV)

She then emphasised: “If anyone comes to stay, as soon as they’ve come out of that bed, change that sheet…

“I don’t need no skin cells rubbing on me, I don’t care if it was a man, woman or child, you wash that sheet.”

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Janet then loudly remarked, “I am simply not staying with either of these two.”

I don’t need no skin cells rubbing on me.

Coleen defended her actions by saying she was “saving the planet”.

Brenda then asked about changing the pillowcase for guests, to which Kaye replied that she would turn the pillow over, with Coleen nodding in agreement.

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This earned another look of horror from her fellow panellists.

Kaye then rectified that if it were a couple staying, she would definitely change the sheets.

Coleen agreed by saying: “If it were a couple that had slept on the sheets, I’d change the sheets; you don’t know what’s going to happen.”

How did viewers react?

One Twitter user agreed with Brenda by saying, “Haaaa Brenda’s face at Coleen’s bedsheets washing. Same. Fresh linen for any visitor before and after. #Loosewomen.”

“Coleen just confirmed that she’s a dirty lazy bint!” said another.

“Of course I’d always wash bedding after someone else slept in them. Filthy not to,” said another.

Another user replied saying: “God no, that’s why Febreeze was invented.”

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