Emmerdale spoilers: Leyla killed by drug dealer?

26 Jul 2022, 17:18

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Leyla agrees to store drugs for Callum in Take A Vow to make some extra money.

However when the drugs go missing, he’s furious.

But who in the village has the drugs, and could Leyla be in serious danger?

Leyla agrees to store drugs in exchange for money (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Leyla starts storing drugs

Leyla is worried when Callum turns up at Take A Vow asking her to store drugs in exchange for cash.

With Take a Vow struggling financially, Leyla calls Callum to accept the job.

The next day Leyla is uneasy when Callum turns up with a bag of drugs which is much bigger than she thought it would be.

She’s not sure what to do when he offers her extra, but eventually she finds herself storing the drugs.

Later Suzy is shocked to see Callum outside Take A Vow and asks him if Leyla is still taking cocaine.

Suzy wants answers from Callum (Credit: ITV)

Matty is gobsmacked as he watches from a distance, convinced he’s watching a drug deal.

When Suzy sees Leyla she confronts her and asks if she’s back on cocaine.

However Leyla lies through her teeth. As Leyla insists she’s kicked the habit, Suzy is suspicious.

Matty is not happy to see Suzy at Rhona’s hen do (Credit: ITV)

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Matty sets out to get revenge on Suzy

Meanwhile Matty secretly breaks into Take A Vow and looks around.

But he gets a big shock when he finds a giant holdall of drugs.

Panicking he grabs the giant bag and heads out.

The next day, Matty is determined to make Suzy take responsibility for her actions.

Matty gets revenge on Suzy (Credit: ITV)

He decides to plant the holdall full of drugs in Suzy’s car.

As Rhona’s hen party gets started in The Hide, Matty is enraged to see Suzy is attending.

When Matty berates her, Suzy knows she isn’t welcome and decides to leave.

As Suzy drives off, Matty steps up his revenge plan and calls the police, reporting the drugs he planted in Suzy’s car.

Callum threatens Leyla (Credit: ITV)

Callum threatens Leyla

Meanwhile Leyla is flustered when Callum turns up at Take A Vow once again and she can’t find the holdall of drugs.

Leyla is left terrified when Callum tells her that he won’t be held responsible for his actions if she doesn’t find the missing drugs by the end of the day.

Is Leyla in serious danger?

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