Emmerdale spoilers: First look at all-new pics for August 1-5

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Leyla agrees to store drugs in Take A Vow. But Matty finds them and hatches a plan to get revenge on Suzy.

Meanwhile on the ITV soap Faith has an idea to get some of her memories back.

Also, Dawn makes a shocking discovery about Clemmie’s father.

All this and more in next week’s Emmerdale spoilers.

1. Emmerdale spoilers: Leyla stores drugs at Take A Vow

Callum turns up at Take A Vow asking Leyla to store drugs in return for cash.

Leyla accepts knowing her business is facing financial struggles, but is uneasy when he turns up with a bag of drugs much larger than she agreed to store.

He offers to pay her extra leaving her not sure what to do.

Later Suzy spots Callum outside Take A Vow and asks if Leyla is still using drugs.

Matty watches and is convinced he’s watching a drug deal.

Meanwhile Suzy asks Leyla if she’s back on drugs and Leyla lies, but Suzy is suspicious.

2. Matty finds the drugs

Later Matty gets into Take A Vow and secretly searches the place, but is shocked when he finds a large holdall of drugs.

Panicking he takes it and heads off.

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Matty is determined to make Suzy take responsibility for her actions and plants the drugs in her car.

As Rhona’s hen party gets started, he’s furious to see Suzy there and lets her know she’s not welcome.

3. Matt gets revenge on Suzy

When she leaves Matty calls the police to report the drugs.

Meanwhile Leyla panics that the drugs are missing from Take A Vow and Callum threatens her if she doesn’t find them.

4. Faith wants her belongings back

A glammed up Faith heads out with Nate leaving Chas suspicious.

Outside a house, Nate is uneasy as Faith explains her plan to take something that belonged to her from her stepdaughter’s home.

Faith blags her way into Angus’s house and he’s outraged when he figures out who Faith is.

Faith vows to return for what’s hers.

5. Faith hatches a plan

The next day Nate refuses to help Faith so she takes his car.

She wears a disguise, pretending to be a photographer for an estate agent.

Angus lets her in and Faith and Nate and Cain can’t believe it when they see Faith running from the house with a bag.

Angus recognises Nate and realises Faith must’ve been the thief.

Cain, Chas and Nate are thrilled with the box of memories Faith stole back and reminisce about their childhood.

They fall into laughter, but will the law soon catch up to Faith?

6. Dawn makes a shocking discovery about Clemmie’s dad

Will worries that Dawn can’t get over losing Clemmie and suggests she calls social services to check on her.

Later Billy is shocked when Dawn reveals Alex is Clemmie’s dad.

Dawn is furious realising that Beth was with Alex behind her back.

The next day, she’s tearful knowing Lucas and Clemmie should be together.

7. Billy has some news for Dawn

Billy tells Dawn he rung social services saying they want custody of Clemmie.

But they make it clear they need Alex’s consent.

8. Dawn and Billy visit Alex

Dawn and Billy meet Alex at the prison and he’s shocked they know about Clemmie.

But Dawn is upset when he refuses to let them foster Clemmie.

When Billy has a go at Alex for his decision, he changes his mind.

But they worry if they can trust Alex as they notice his smug smile.

9. Mary makes a move on Vanessa

Mary opens up to Vanessa about her sexuality.

But Mary mistakes her kindness for something else and leans in to kiss her.

Later Rhona is heartbroken when her mum opens up to her.

Will Mary tell her about the fact she tried to kiss Vanessa?

10. Paddy worries about Marlon

Paddy is worried when an exhausted Marlon falls asleep at his stag do.

But it’s not long before Paddy comes up with a plan. What is it?

11. Leyla takes on Kim’s wedding

The pressure of Kim’s wedding becomes too much for Lydia.

Leyla feels great when Will asks her to pick up the pieces.

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