EastEnders spoilers: First look at all-new pics for Aug 1-5

26 Jul 2022, 00:01
25 Jul 2022, 21:22

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EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Ben‘s life is in danger after taking too many drugs.

Will his family find him in time?

Meanwhile on the BBC soap, Suki is cast out, Sam is under pressure and Sharon knows the truth.

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

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1. Ben overdoses?

After missing Lexi’s dance exam and then snapping at her, Ben is gutted when she bursts into tears.

He seeks solace buying drugs from Tez.

Sam spots the exchange and tells Ben to pull himself together.

But Ben doesn’t listen and heads to a party with James.

Lexi is upset as Ben is late for the family meal.

Meanwhile, Ben realises he’s late and calls her, leaving an emotional voicemail.

But Ben has been taking more and more drugs.

He soon collapses. Has he overdosed?

When Callum and Jay arrive at her meal, Lexi plays them the voicemail.

They realise something is wrong, but will they find Ben in time to save him?

2. Suki outcast

Suki is isolated from her family who have disowned her.

Her children all announce they are moving out.

She turns to Eve for comfort.

Suki invites Eve for a drink, but will she accept?

3. Zack confesses to Sharon

Zack tells Sharon Ben collapsed.

Sharon is quick to realise he’s keeping something from her.

Zack tells her the truth.

Sharon soon tells Phil everything: Sam knows about the drugs and has been letting it happen.

4. Sam under pressure

Worried the game is up, when Phil ignores her calls, Sam is confronted when Jonah arrives.

She tells Jonah the dealing has to stop.

Sam instructs a guilty Zack not to tell anyone.

But she has no idea it’s already too late…

5. Ravi arrives in EastEnders spoilers

Ravi arrives in Walford roaring in on his motorbike.

He immediately annoys Stacey as he flirts with her.

Ravi is Ranveer’s son and when he sees Kheerat it’s clear there’s rivalry here.

But what has gone on between them?

6. What is Howie hiding?

Howie and Kim plan a date night and she assumes he’s going to propose.

Kim confides in Felix she won’t accept as it’s too soon.

But Howie cancels and is soon seen meeting a woman called Delilah.

Delilah insists he has to tell Kim his secret, but what is he hiding?

7. Felix and Finlay mess up

It’s Avery’s ‘Nine Night’ and the Taylors are preparing.

Felix and Finlay are sent to do the shopping.

But Felix stops to give Kim a lipstick he had earlier promised.

He accidentally gives her the bag with the money in.

Kim throws it away and the boys desperately search in the bins for it.

However, it’s too late and the money is gone.

They’re forced to come clear to Karen they lost her money.

How will she react?

8. Mia misses out

Mia is upset when the family can’t afford to take her to a theme park for her birthday.

Finlay feels guilty for losing their money and comes up with an idea.

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