Coronation Street spoilers: First look at all-new pics for August 1-5

26 Jul 2022, 00:01
25 Jul 2022, 21:29

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Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal that Yasmeen is to uncover a shocking secret that Stu has kept under wraps.

Elsewhere in Weatherfield, Ronnie has suspicions of Debbie, questioning whether she could be behind an insurance scam.

All this and more in next week’s Coronation Street spoilers.

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1. Ryan and Debbie stage a robbery

Ryan and Debbie stage a robbery during The Bistro’s ‘Casino Night’ in a bid to claim insurance.

Leanne walks in to the restaurant to find a shifty looking Ryan, who attempts to hide a bag of cash from her.

Debbie ushers him to call the Police to report the break-in.

Will the everyone believe Ryan’s account of things?

2. Ryan gets arrested

The Bistro CCTV is played by Craig to uncover Ryan robbing the restaurant. He is then arrested.

3. Tim’s in the doghouse

Sally finds out that Tim has been looking at adult websites in a bid to resolve his sex issues.

As she sends him to the spare bed, will Sally be able to forgive him?

4. Ken and Wendy put the past behind them

Wendy crosses paths with Ken on Coronation Street once more and they confide in each other over a coffee.

Ken understands Wendy’s loneliness and opens up about still missing Deirdre.

Will their feelings for each other resurface?

5. Ronnie is suspicious of Debbie

Putting the pieces together, Ronnie confronts Debbie over his suspicions that she set up the robbery as an insurance scam.

Debbie denies these allegations but Ryan threatens to tell the truth.

Ryan has nothing left to lose.

Will Debbie be able to get away with her plan?

6. Tim confides in Aggie

Tim fails to open up to Sally and confides in Aggie.

He finally tells Sally about his fear of dying but will she realise that she wasn’t the first to know?

7. Todd finds out the value of Shuttleworth’s

George Shuttleworth gets into a fight with Troy as he discovers his intends to buy his business.

Todd discovers that Shuttleworth’s could sell for £400k, will George sell?

8. Yasmeen uncovers Stu’s secret

Stu’s ex-wife Lucy turns up to Speed Daal and announces his shocking secret to Yasmeen.

Yasmeen tells him to leave the restaurant and runs after Lucy to find out more.

What is Stu hiding?

9. George’s sister rocks up on Coronation Street

George takes some of Eileen’s strong painkillers and is too high to carry out Mr Pugh’s funeral arrangements.

Todd puts him in the back of a funeral car to keep him out of the way.

George’s sister, Glenda, turns up on Coronation Street and takes over after discovering him to be asleep.

George is over the moon at her arrival.

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10. Leo’s hiding something

Daniel stays the night at the Rovers but finds Leo unusually dressed up at 3.00am, prompting him to tell Daisy his suspicions.

What is Leo hiding?

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