MAFSA: Olivia and Jackson ‘disgusted’ as OnlyFans account leaked and sent to his mother

23 Jul 2022, 15:11

Married at First Sight Australia

MAFSA fans will definitely remember Olivia Frazer’s explosive time on the show last series.

Viewers were all disappointed by Olivia’s behaviour after she shamed Dom for her OnlyFans account and spread her photo across the entire cast.

However, the pair recently revealed that their own OnlyFans got leaked and sent to Jackson’s mum.

And they are NOT happy!

Olivia leaked Dom’s OnlyFans account to the entire cast of Married At First Sight Australia (Credit: E4)

Olivia shames Dom over OnlyFans account

Things took a serious turn on MAFSA earlier this year when news broke that a pic of Domenica was leaked to the rest of the cast.

The image was a naked photo of Dom that she posted on Twitter to support her OnlyFans account.

But who leaked the photo?

After a tense line of questioning, we learnt that it was Olivia who uncovered Dom’s OnlyFans account and nastily spread it around the cast.

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But instead of apologising to Dom, Olivia told her that it was her own fault for putting the photo out there in the first place.

She said: “I have no idea who’s seen it in the group.

“I just sent the photos through. So my bad, but I also don’t care enough to overthink it.

“She did it to herself, she dug that hole herself.”

Olivia and Jackson had an OnlyFans account of their own (Credit: E4)

Jackson and Olivia’s OnlyFans account leaked

After giving Dom grief about her OnlyFans account, it turns out that Jackson and Olivia have an account of their own!

The pair were devastated last month when they found out that videos from their OnlyFans got leaked and even sent to Jackson’s mother.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Jackson hit out at trolls who sent his OnlyFans videos to his own mother.

Jackson said: “People thought it was OK to send our videos to my mum… which is [bleep] disgusting.

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“And if you’re the type of person who sends that to somebody you need to take a good, hard look at yourself.

Yes Jackson, anyone who leaks someone’s OnlyFans account DOES need to take a hard look at themselves!

Jackson also slammed the Kyle and Jackie O Show for airing their OnlyFans content last month.

He admitted that he’s initiating legal action against the show after losing his job.

He said: “Because of the whole Kyle and Jackie O thing again, I actually lost my job.

“It was a family business, they were fine with me doing OnlyFans, but once it was published on radio, [my boss] had people come up and question him about it.”

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