Coronation Street spoilers: Kevin loses it and smashes up Stephen’s car

22 Jul 2022, 11:38

Abi Franklin, Coronation Street, Jack Webster, Kevin Webster, Stephen Reid

Coronation Street spoilers this week reveal that Kevin Webster’s rage gets the better of him, leading him to smash up Stephen Reid’s car.

After a difficult week facing multiple challenges, a confrontation with Stephen becomes the final straw for the much-loved mechanic.

What causes Kevin to lash out in Coronation Street spoilers?

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Kevin deals with Jack’s school issues (Credit: ITV)

Kevin’s hard week in Coronation Street spoilers

Jack wants his dad to be at his end of year presentation but Kevin must finish work on Stephen’s Jaguar before he can go.

As Kevin faces pressure to get the job done, Jack is also facing pressure of his own, being bullied at school.

He’s being called a ‘Spanner’ for having two dads that work in mechanics, after the bullies found Tyrone was believed to be Jack’s dad at first.

As Kevin gets a call from Jack’s school to deal with the issue, Aaron offers to finish Stephen’s Jag.

The tension rises once the father and son return home as Jack fears being neglected once Abi returns home from the supervision of their foster carer.

As Kevin tries to impress Chloe, the social worker, Jack’s jealousy mounts up.

Will the tension become too much to bear for Kevin?

Kevin and Stephen face a confrontation (Credit: ITV)

Kevin and Stephen’s altercation

Stephen collects his car from the garage only to return with complaints of it breaking down.

Aaron rushes off and subsequently leaves Kevin to bear the brunt of Stephen’s anger.

Kevin tries to resolve the issue but gets distracted as Jack and Abi both call him, with Stephen consequently threatening to go to another garage.

This is the final straw for Kevin, smashing Stephen’s car with a wrench as a result.

Kevin smashes Stephen’s jaguar (Credit: ITV)

Afterwards, Kevin returns home to see Abi sharing her excitement at being able to move home with Alfie.

But as the police come knocking, will Kevin share his and Jack’s troubles?

Or will he keep quiet for the sake of her happiness?

Kevin doesn’t want to let Abi down (Credit: ITV)

Will Kevin be able to deal with the pressure?

Kevin’s got a lot going on in his life at the moment.

His relationship with Abi is far from stable and now he risks isolating his son by providing a home for Abi and Alfie.

Is Kevin putting too much pressure on himself to please those he loves?

Will he jeopardise his relationship with Jack by welcoming in Imran and Abi’s baby to No.13?

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