Protein Bors: Who started the TikTok GymTokers prank?

21 Jul 2022, 09:31


Protein Bors might sound stupid, and it is, but this TikTok trend is taking off on the hit app at the moment!

To learn more about this frankly hilarious prank, read on, because we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about it right here!

What is protein bor?! (Credit: TikTok)

Protein Bors on TikTok

Protein bor is a new TikTok trend that is gaining traction on the gym/workout side of TikTok.

There’s no hidden meaning behind the words ‘protein bors’ either.

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It’s just protein bar written wrong – and it seems to have just taken off.

The only explanation we can think of as to why this is is because it simply sounds funny.

But where did ‘protein bors’ come from? What sparked life into such a weird trend? Read on to learn more.

The creator of the Protein Bor trend (Credit: TikTok)

The origin of Protein Bors on TikTok

The trend of calling protein bars ‘protein bors’ seems to have stemmed from a TikTokker called @jamesdoylefitness, aka Protein Bor Papi.

James is an Irish TikTokker whose content mainly focuses on gym workouts, health, and fitness.

The protein bors trend seems to have stemmed from the way that James pronounces the word ‘bar’.

Due to his Irish accent, the word ‘bar’ now sounds like ‘bor’ when James says it.

@jamesdoylefitness Aldi peanut butter protein bor #proteinbor #review #irish ♬ original sound – Protein Bor Papi

His 134.7k followers seem to have simply latched onto this, and spread the phrase ‘protein bors’ far and wide.

They have commented on videos made by other GymTokers with the words ‘protein bors’.

“WHAT IS PROTEIN BOR?!” one user screams as his comments are flooded with the phrase.

“Why’s everyone commenting protein bor? What is that?” an American GymToker asks.

Additionally, a third confused TikTokker asks: “All I’m seeing in my comments is protein bor. What does it mean?!”

You can join in on the trend too (Credit: TikTok)

Taking part in the trend

This is a really easy TikTok trend for you to take part in.

All you need is a TikTok account and a few minutes to spare in which you can be really annoying.

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All you have to do to be involved in this trend is head on over to a GymTokers video and comment ‘protein bor’.

That’s literally it – told you it was easy!

Now you’re part of the trend, and hopefully, your comment will be the one to irritate a GymToker enough into making a video asking what protein bor is.

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