Coronation Street viewers predict Gary will kill Kelly after kidnapping horror

21 Jul 2022, 10:29
21 Jul 2022, 11:15

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Coronation Street fans are predicting Gary will kill Kelly as she saw him unleash his rage on Kieron in last night’s episode (Wednesday, July 20).

Gary managed to track down Kelly, who had been kidnapped by Kieron and Ross, to a cellar.

However when he came face to face with Kieron, he was prepared to kill him, leaving Kelly shocked.

Now fans are predicting the teenager will figure out Gary killed her dad and he will kill her to protect himself.

Gary killed Rick in 2019 (Credit: ITV)

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Coronation Street: Gary’s killer past

Coronation Street viewers know that Gary killed loan shark Rick Neelan back in 2019.

Afterwards he met Rick’s daughter Kelly and over the last three years they’ve grown closer as Gary looked out for her.

Kelly even moved in with Gary and Maria, and they have looked out for her as her mother Laura wasn’t around to look after her properly.

Earlier this year, Kelly’s mother Laura came back to Weatherfield to tell Kelly she was dying of cancer.

Laura found out Gary killed Rick and took the blame, knowing she would die soon.

She also wanted Gary to look out for Kelly and knew if the police found out he killed Rick, he would go to prison.

Laura died with Kelly believing she killed her father.

Last week, Kelly was kidnapped by Rick’s former business partner Kieron.

Rick had taken a load of money from Kieron and he wanted paying back.

He contacted Gary demanded £50k or Kelly’s life would be hell.

Gary managed to get £24k together for Kieron, but it wasn’t enough.

Kieron and Russ kidnapped Kelly, demanding £50k (Credit: ITV)

Viewers predict Gary will kill Kelly again after kidnapping horror

Luckily Gary thought ahead and put a tracking device in the money bag, and was able to find Kelly in the cellar.

When Kieron came into the room with a crowbar, he knocked Gary unconscious.

Soon Gary woke up, but didn’t let Kieron see. Meanwhile Kelly was able to get out of her restraints, having had them loosened by Gary.

When Kieron was on the phone, Gary got up and attacked him.

Gary wanted to kill Kieron (Credit: ITV)

As it looked like Kieron had overpowered Gary, Kelly hit him over the head with a crowbar.

As Kieron laid unconscious, Gary instructed Kelly to leave the room, clearly wanting the criminal dead.

However Kelly managed to persuade him to leave him.

Back at the flat, Kelly questioned if Gary had ever got that angry before.

He lied saying he hadn’t, but viewers think that Kelly will figure out that Gary killed her dad and Gary could try and kill her to keep his secret.

Kelly asking questions about her dad – is Gary going to kill her next? #Corrie

— Doreen Morfitt (@penniless_poet) July 20, 2022

why do i feel like Gary will snap and kill Kelly? #Corrie

— GhostFace (@Face420Ghost) July 20, 2022

Kelly's close to the truth and she knows it #Corrie

— mostly-at-home-in-london (@floweroflondon) July 20, 2022

Kelly you have no idea what Gary is capable of. #Corrie 😬

— Garry Enfield (@EnfieldGarry) July 20, 2022

Damn Gary’s got the taste of killing back 😳🤬#Corrie

— Zombie404 (@VampLover27) July 20, 2022

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