Emmerdale SPOILERS: First look at all-new pics for June 27-July 1

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Chas tries to fight her feelings for Al – and fails.

Meanwhile on the ITV soap Nicola is struggling following her attack and Leyla just can’t quit.

All this and more in next week’s Emmerdale spoilers.

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1. Chas starts an affair with Al

Chas seeks comfort in Al as her life spirals out of control.

They share a passionate kiss and she suggests they book a hotel room

2. Chas’s guilt gets to her

Faith collapses, struggling with her chemo.

Chas feels guilty and therefore ends things with Al.

Throwing herself into life with Paddy, Chas agrees to a big party for Paddy’s birthday.

However there’s obvious tension when Kerry and Al bump into Chas and Paddy.

Later, Al admits to Chas that he was jealous seeing her with Paddy.

Chas denies having feelings for Al, but is she being truthful?

4. Nicola struggles being home alone

Nicola is still struggling after her attack and is terrified after hearing a knock at the door.

She’s relieved when it turns out to be Bernice.

5. Nicola gets into an accident

Nicola panics when she has to collect the kids from school.

As she goes to her car, she’s overwhelmed as she remembers the attack.

Panicking she slams the accelerator and accidentally collides with David’s van.

She is clearly upset when an angry David confronts her.

When David demands insurance details, Nicola rushes back inside and locks the door.

He pleads with her for the details but she’s unable to let him in.

6. Nicola fears her attackers have returned

Nicola exaggerates Carl’s illness to keep him home, despite him wanting to go back to school.

Carl is confused as to why he has to stay at home.

Once alone, Nicola has a panic attack but Carl snaps her out of it.

Carl then grabs her phone and goes outside.

Nicola goes into full panic mode when she hears girls laughing outside, thinking her attackers are back.

Terrified, she hits someone over the head, but who has she hurt?

7. David pulls a fast one in Emmerdale spoilers

David fakes a neck injury to the insurance company after his crash with Nicola.

He worries when Victoria brings up the idea of an expensive wedding.

How will he react when Brenda calls him out over his false claim?

8. Laurel flirts with Kit

Smitten Laurel chats with a flirty Kit.

Marlon’s amused as he watches them getting on so well.

9. Bear gives in to Faith

Bear tells Faith that Chas is worried about her drinking, but she dismisses him and offers him money to buy her some more booze.

Faith is happy when Bear is easily swayed and agrees.

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10. Leyla can’t quit

Liam excitedly talks about babies and getting healthy with Leyla.

But she’s sick of hearing it.

Leyla is secretly recovering from her latest cocaine binge.

She tries to stay clean, but fails to stop herself taking more coke.

11. Mary books the wedding!

Mary wants Rhona to get a hurry on booking the wedding.

Rhona is left fuming when Mary books it for her!

12. Trouble in paradise for Ethan and Marcus?

Ethan is feeling sidelined by Marcus and Charles’s budding bromance.

Charles is shocked when Ethan snaps at him for getting in the way.

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Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour episode on Thursdays.

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