Emmerdale fans all saying the same thing as ‘bully’ Cain attacks Liam

21 Jun 2022, 11:26

Cain Dingle, Dr Liam Cavanagh, Emmerdale, Faith Dingle

Emmerdale fans have turned against Cain Dingle after he attacked his friend Liam.

In last night’s episode (Monday, June 20) Cain discovered Dr Liam knew about Faith‘s cancer returning.

He ended up attacking Liam, but fans have turned against Cain as Liam was only doing his job.

Liam knew about Faith’s cancer (Credit: ITV)

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Emmerdale: Cain and Chas learn about Faith’s cancer

Last month, Faith was told that her cancer had returned and although it wasn’t curable, it is treatable.

Faith only told Moira about her diagnosis. However fellow Emmerdale resident Wendy, who works at a nurse, saw Faith at the hospital and Faith told her about her diagnosis.

In last week’s episodes, Faith told her family that her cancer had returned and it’s terminal.

Chas was devastated by the news. However Cain, who doesn’t have a good relationship with his mum, hasn’t been so sympathetic towards Faith.

Faith told Cain and Chas about her cancer last week (Credit: ITV)

Fans all saying the same thing as Cain Dingle attacks Liam

In last night’s episode, Liam waved at Faith which was witnessed by Cain.

Liam approached Cain at the garage to see how he was doing.

He apologised for not coming over sooner, saying he heard Cain found out about Faith’s diagnosis.

Cain realised that Liam, who is a doctor at the village surgery, knew about Faith’s cancer.

Liam explained to his friend he couldn’t tell him due to doctor-patient confidentiality.

Cain attacked Liam (Credit: ITV)

However Cain grabbed Liam but his shirt saying he was there for him when Leanna died.

Liam tried to reason with Cain but the mechanic threw him to the floor before going back into the garage.

Now fans have turned on Cain for attacking Liam when he was only doing his job.

Patient confidentiality Cain – why are getting so angst with Liam now when you didn't care 5 minutes ago 😡😡😡😡#Emmerdale

— Ryan (@RyanGSoapKing11) June 21, 2022

Cain the hard man. There is a difference being actually tough and being abusive. Creep.

— Andi (@BostonAndi) June 20, 2022

Cain ffs get a grip, he’s your mums GP #Emmerdale

— Alan S (@ronan367) June 20, 2022

Cain – the original school ground bully there #Emmerdale

— Doreen Morfitt (@penniless_poet) June 20, 2022

That was vile of Cain. I thought he had a heart for a second.

— Riley Collins (@RileyCo10852974) June 20, 2022

He’s a doctor Cain #Emmerdale

— 🌟💛Dion💛🌟 (@DionPetrie) June 20, 2022

Omg cain your vile #Emmerdale

— Roberto Diniro (@runninoncaffine) June 20, 2022

#Emmerdale Cain seriously needs to sort himself out!

— Georgia_DD (@GeorgiaBowring) June 20, 2022

Cain is such a horrible human being #Emmerdale

— Lily (@AVFCLil) June 20, 2022

#Emmerdale Cain is a selfish idiot!

— Georgia_DD (@GeorgiaBowring) June 20, 2022

Could this be the end of Cain and Liam’s friendship?

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