Ellie & Natasia on BBC Three: When does it start, how many episodes is it and who’s in the cast?

20 Jun 2022, 16:28

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After a successful pilot in 2019, the sketch show Ellie & Natasia gets a full series on BBC3 – so who’s in the cast?

Ellie & Natasia is BBC3’s newest comedy show and sketches send up the likes of Greek-Cypriot entrepreneurs, YouTubers, wild swimmers and even Saturday Kitchen!

The characters include a pair of vlogging mums, and a posh-boy chef who only knows how to cook pasta pomodoro.

Here’s everything you need to know about the comedy sketch show, written by and starring comedians Ellie White and Natasia Demetriou.

Ellie White and Natasia Demetriou star in Ellie & Natasia (Credit: BBC3)

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When is the Ellie & Natasia start date?

Ellie & Natasia starts with episode 1 on Tuesday June 21 2022 at 10pm on BBC Three.

Episode 2 follows immediately after at 10.15pm.

The rest of the series continues every Tuesday at 10pm.

All episodes will be available on BBC iPlayer.

How many episodes are there of Ellie & Natasia?

Ellie & Natasia on BBC Three has six episodes in total.

Each episode is 15 minutes long, which is perfectly bite-sized!

Several sketches appear in each episode.

Jamie Demetriou pops up in the cast of Ellie & Natasia (Credit: BBC3)

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Ellie and Natasia cast on BBC3 – who is Ellie White?

The creators, writers and stars of Ellie & Natasia main stars are comedians Ellie White and Natasia Demetriou.

The talented duo met at Bristol University but have become successful apart.

Comedy fans will recognise Ellie White for her role as Cathy in The Other One.

She’s also played Beatrice in the royal-parody show The Windsors, Radio in Bloods, and April in Semi-Detached.

She is set to make her name in film with a role in the new Wonka movie, due for release next year.

Ellie White also starred as Katia in Stath Lets Flats, opposite Natasia Demetriou as dopey Sophie.

Who is Natasia Demetriou in the cast of Ellie & Natasia?

Natasia Demetriou is well-loved for her role as Nadja in BBC Three’s series What We Do In the Shadows.

Her other TV roles include This Time with Alan Partridge and Pls Like.

Natasia also featured in Netflix’s 2020 film Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga.

Other roles include Carmen in Toast of Tinseltown, Svetlana in Teenage Euthanasia, and Tash in Year Friends.

She’s the sister of Stath Lets Flats star Jamie Demetriou.

Natasia Demetriou and Ellie White as Mariella Ricotta and Glenda Leather with supporting cast (Credit: BBC3)

Who guest stars in the cast of Ellie & Natasia on BBC3?

Cameo’s from some great British comedy talent also appear throughout the show.

Jamie Demetriou, brother of Natasia, also features in Ellie & Natasia in several sketches.

In episode one, he pops up in a pitch-perfect hip-hop spoof.

Of course, comedy fans will know Jamie Demetriou for his roles as Bus Rodent in Fleabag and as the Professor in Paddington 2.

Several members of the Stath Lets Flats cast also feature in Ellie & Natasia.

These include Katie Wix who played Carole in Stath Lets Flats, and starred alongside Ellie White in The Windsors as Fergie.

Katie Wix has also seen much success as Mary in the BBC comedy hit Ghosts.

Another Ghosts star, who also featured in Stath Lets Flats, Kiell Smith-Bynoe features in sketches on the show.

Ellie & Natasia starts on Tuesday June 21 2022 at 10pm on BBC Three.

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