6 Coronation Street characters that need more screen time

17 Jun 2022, 22:09

Coronation Street

Coronation Street does a better job than most soaps of balancing out its storylines and characters.

However sometimes it gets it wrong.

And we’ve got a long list of Corrie characters who are in desperate need of a storyline.

Ryan Connor is in need of both a storyline and a shirt (Credit: ITV)

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Ryan Connor

It is frankly criminal how underused actor Ryan Prescott has been in Corrie in recent years.

He is one of the most talented and competent stars they have – and yet he hasn’t had a storyline in ages.

Cheating on Alya, being plied with booze by Daisy, he’s lost everything to the point he;s now just a part-time barman.

He needs a major storyline – and he needs one quickly.

What has happened to Gemma in Coronation Street in Coronation Street? (Credit: ITV)

Gemma Winter

At the risk of losing you at this one, Gemma does need a storyline.

Admittedly with the several she had over the last few years pushing her to the forefront of the soap, she was slightly over-exposed, but now the opposite has happened.

There is a happy medium to be struck – but Gemma lives on the street with her brood and she should have some actual plot to get into.

Roy hasn’t had a storyline in quite a while (Credit: ITV)

Roy Cropper

Ignoring the odd scene where he pops up, offers advice and then disappears, the Street is sorely lacking Roy Cropper content.

What has happened to him? Has he moved to South America again on a whim?

Roy is one of the cobbles’ stalwarts – he must have a meaty storyline to get into. Otherwise what’s the point?

Coronation Street star Jude plays Sam Blakeman (Credit: ITV)

Sam Blakeman

What has happened to Sam?

Ever since his mother was shot dead and he decided he was obsessed with chess, we haven’t seen hide nor hair of him.

Leanne and Nick spend every waking minute bemoaning Toyah’s situation in the Bistro, while Sam is doing a Tracy Barlow somewhere else.

Ruby Dobbs

Poor Ruby hasn’t had a look in in years.

With her sister being the street’s future serial killer Hope Stape, Ruby has faded into the background.

While Hope is setting fire to trampolines and attacking her stepdad with a mechanical digger, Ruby is perfectly at home playing with her dolls upstairs.

But with a biological mother like Kirsty, Ruby really should be allowed to let her inner villain out – and match Hope’s chaotic energy.

Shona would like a storyline please Coronation Street bosses (Credit: ITV)

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Shona Platt

She is the only woman who can be shot in the stomach and end up with a brain injury. And a brand new personality.

However what Shona really needs is a storyline – and it’s been far too long.

Though let’s not hold our breath. With actress Julia Goulding announcing her second pregnancy, she’ll soon be off on maternity leave.

Not that we’d notice at this rate.

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