Fern Britton admits ex-husband’s jealousy drove ‘immense rift’ between them

15 Jun 2022, 13:21

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Fern Britton has admitted the catalyst behind her split from her ex-husband.

The former This Morning presenter was married to TV executive Clive Jones from 1988 till 2000.

After their divorce, she married TV chef Phil Vickery.

As fans of the couple will know, they sadly announced their split back in January 2020.

Now Fern has lifted the lid on the end of her first marriage.

Fern Britton has revealed the catalyst behind her split from her ex-husband (Credit: YouTube)

Fern Britton on split from first husband

Speaking on the Walking The Dog with Emily Dean podcast, Fern said an IQ test that she passed and ex-husband Clive failed marked the beginning of the end for the couple.

They were married from 1988 to 2000 and Clive is father to three of her four children – Jack, 28, Harry, 29, and Grace, 25.

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Fern claimed Clive was “furious” after she secretly took the test.

It allows people to join the High IQ Society if their IQ is in the top 2% of the population.

And, after the Mensa test revealed Fern’s was, she alleged it caused an “immense rift” between the pair.

Fern on ‘immense rift’

Fern claimed: “He had this degree and I don’t. I secretly went off and did the Mensa.

“I lied, I said I was going somewhere else, and it took a day to do this test,” she said, adding: “I passed — and quite well too,” she said.

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Fern then alleged: “Then he was furious so he did it because he’s got a huge brain. But he’s not a problem solver and he didn’t get it. So an immense rift opened.”

Fern also said her TV career could’ve taken a different path had she taken thing more seriously.

He’s not a problem solver and he didn’t get it. So an immense rift opened.”

She said she could’ve ended up presenting serious programmes such as Newsnight.

“Some people think, oh she’s too stupid’, but I’m bright actually,” she said.

Fern split from Clive and married chef Phil Vickery (Credit: YouTube)

TV presenter admits ‘missing’ Phil Vickery

After Fern’s divorce from Clive she married Phil Vickery.

They are parents to daughter Winnie, 20.

Fern recently told Weekend Magazine that she “misses” the “friendship” Phil offered.

She said: “We had a wonderful time. We were the best of friends. And I miss that friendship.”

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