Paul O’Grady leaves his Instagram fans concerned as he seeks advice

14 Jun 2022, 11:48

Paul O'Grady

Paul O’Grady has left Instagram fans panicked about his wellbeing after making a discovery in his garden.

The For The Love Of Dogs star was busy taking advantage of the sun and doing some handy work in his back garden when he uncovered something seriously bizarre.

Paul took to Instagram to reveal that he had found a bottle containing a “lock of hair”.

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Paul O’Grady on Instagram

The ITV star said he found it “creepy” but wanted his followers to help him work out why it had been buried in his garden in the first place.

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He said: “Digging around the back of the garden this was dug up. It’s a small bottle containing a lock of hair that has been twisted into a plait.

“The hair looks red but whatever liquid is in the bottle might have discoloured it over the years.”

Paul’s fans expressed concerns over the Instagram post (Credit:

He added: “I haven’t opened it and have no intention of doing so, in fact, I’m going to bury it again as it’s not only odd but slightly creepy.”

Paul then asked: “Any ideas what it is?”

“Holy [bleep]! Yes, get that BACK in the ground quick snap!! Yikes!!” replied the concerned fan.

A second follower urged Paul to re-bury his finding, saying: “I think there are some Wicca traditions that removed hair from the deceased as they believed it still contained their spirit.

Paul asked for advice over the discovery (Credit: ITV)

Paul O’Grady discovery

“Also hair plaits sometimes used in buildings for ‘protection’ talisman. I would bury it again.”

“Could be a witch bottle containing spells from many moons ago I’d still put it back underground – take no chances,” insisted a third.

Meanwhile, a fourth added that the bottle could even be filled with urine!

The fan said: “It’s a witch bottle, buried to protect the house occupants and serve as a protective charm.

“It’s possibly filled with urine and a little alcohol. Basically, it’s a bottled spell.”

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A post shared by Paul O’Grady (@paulogrady)

Meanwhile, Paul recently made a heartwarming confession on Instagram.

He shared a photo of an adorable puppy and told fans that the puppy and the rest of a litter have found homes.

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Paul said: “There’s nothing better than spending the afternoon with a litter of puppies.

“This is Lily, she’s a little spaniel pup and absolutely gorgeous. Thankfully the entire litter have all got homes so temptation has been taken out of my way… Phew.”

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