Emmerdale: Does Nicola die after being attacked?

14 Jun 2022, 20:00
14 Jun 2022, 13:40

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Emmerdale character Nicola was brutally attacked by a group of girls in tonight’s episode (Tuesday, June 14).

She was left bloodied and bruised in a car park after the girls stole her belongings and beat her up.

But will Nicola die?

Nicola was approached by a group of girls (Credit: ITV)

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Emmerdale: Nicola attacked

In tonight’s Emmerdale episode Nicola went to a bar with sister Bernice and best friend Laurel.

In the bar, Bernice and Laurel began flirting with some of the men.

Eventually Nicola made the decision to leave alone and went back to the car park.

However when she got there she saw two girls, one of which asked her for booze.

Soon Nicola and the girls started to get into a verbal argument when she was approached by more girls.

They took Nicola’s bag, went through her wallet, ripped up a picture of Nicola’s children and looked at her driver’s licence.

The girls went on to smash Nicola’s phone and threw her keys.

Nicola went back to her car but one of the girls pushed her over and began kicking her.

However someone was stood in the background watching the attack.

The episode ended with someone apologising to Nicola before running off and leaving her.

But will Nicola survive?

The girls attacked Nicola (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Does Nicola die after being attacked?

Nicola does survive the attack and is taken to hospital.

Jimmy, Laurel, Bernice and Rodney anxiously wait for answers as to what might of happened to Nicola.

When Nicola wakes up, Jimmy questions her on the attack but she lies claiming she has no memory of the attack, embarrassed she was attacked by teenage girls.

Later Gabby is disturbed when she finds a video of her aunt’s attack.

The video reveals to Nicola’s family that she was attacked by teenage girls and Jimmy’s heart breaks for his wife.

Nicola is in hospital after the attack (Credit: ITV)

Nicola later tells Harriet the details of the attack but she’s worried the girls will know her address since they have her driving licence.

A tearful Nicola also worries the attackers will come to her home and attack her children.

As she confesses to Jimmy that she thought she was going to die, he’s devastated to see his wife so broken.

Can Nicola get through this?

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Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour episode on Thursdays.

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