As Hairy Biker Dave Myers battles cancer, Si King makes frank admission about future

12 Jun 2022, 10:52
12 Jun 2022, 16:23

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As Hairy Biker Dave Myers battles cancer, his partner Si King has vowed never to make a Hairy Bikers show without him.

Si, 55, has said there is “no Hairy Bikers without Dave” following his best pal’s cancer diagnosis.

Dave is currently undergoing treatment for the disease and has lost his iconic hair.

Si King has ruled out making any more episodes of The Hairy Bikers without Dave Myers (Credit:

In a show of support, Si has ruled out filming their cooking show until his friend is well enough to join him on set again.

There’s no Hairy Bikers without Dave.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Si recently said: “There’s no [Punch & Judy] show without Punch and there’s no Hairy Bikers without Dave.”

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Paying tribute to his best pal, he added: “We’ve always been joined at the hip, so it’s very odd for me and it’s very odd for Dave.

“We’ll get through it – he’s as tough as an old boot.”

The Hairy Bikers found fame in 2006 and have had huge success with their cooking shows (Credit: BBC)

Hairy Biker Dave Myers on his cancer battle

Dave revealed last month that he has been diagnosed with cancer. He has not specified exactly what type.

He shared his health issues on his and Si’s Hairy Bikers – Agony Uncles podcast.

David, 64, said to his friend and co-star: “Anyway Kingy, I’ve got to come clean now, I haven’t been too well recently and, basically, I’ve got to have some chemo.”

Dave joined Si on an open top bus last weekend for the Platinum Jubilee Pageant (Credit:

He added: “You know all this anyway, so this year is going to be a bit quiet for me.

“I’m not going to be filming, some of the festivals I’m not going to be able to go to, some may be okay but this year’s a bit of a write-off for us.”

He added: “I have had to speak up about this because I don’t want to hide under a rock, but I would love it if people respected my privacy and just let me get on with it and give Si and our team all the support they need.

“That would be great.

“But look, the prognosis is okay. I’m going to be fine.”

Dave’s cancer treatment has caused him to lose his hair (Credit: Instagram)

‘The baldy biker’

Last weekend, Dave was well enough to join Si on an open top bus at the Platinum Jubilee Pageant in London.

The duo travelled in style towards Buckingham Palace alongside a host of national treasures.

Dave covered his bald head with a hat for the occasion but he has embraced his temporary look.

He previously joked he should be called “the baldy biker for a while”.

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Dave’s wife Liliana Orzac has also compared him to Devil Wears Prada actor Stanley Tucci.

“As a great fan of Stanley Tucci, I’ve embraced that. I quite like it really,” he recently said on his and Si’s podcast.

Hairy Bikers back on BBC Two

Meanwhile, Si and Dave’s latest TV show The Hairy Bikers’ Asian Adventure is currently airing on BBC2.

It was filmed prior to Dave’s cancer diagnosis. This week the duo conclude their culinary journey around Thailand.

  • The Hairy Bikers’ Asian Adventure, 11.15am, BBC2, Sunday June 12, 2022

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