Emmerdale fans predict HUGE paternity twist for baby Thomas

10 Jun 2022, 09:47

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Emmerdale fans are predicting that Jamie Tate might not be Thomas Tate’s father after all.

Last year Gabby fell pregnant with Jamie’s son and gave birth to baby Thomas.

Jamie faked his death before his son was born, but now fans are starting to wonder if Jamie is Thomas’s dad.

Jamie is still alive (Credit: ITV)

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Emmerdale: Jamie and Gabby

Gabby fell pregnant after a one-night-stand with Jamie.

Jamie was not happy when Gabby made the decision to keep the baby.

Eventually Gabby moved in to Home Farm as Kim wanted to play a part in her grandson’s life.

However this annoyed Jamie even more and he was determined not to have anything to do with the baby.

Just before Gabby gave birth, Jamie crashed his car into a lake.

His car was recovered but his body was never found.

After Jamie’s ex-wife Andrea Tate was murdered by Meena Jutla, Andrea’s mother Hazel came to the village for Andrea’s memorial.

Gabby feared Jamie would come back for Thomas (Credit: ITV)

Jamie and Andrea’s daughter, Millie, made the decision to live with her grandmother Hazel.

When Hazel took Millie home it was revealed to viewers that Jamie is still alive.

After overhearing Millie give Thomas a secret message from Jamie, Gabby suspected he could still be alive.

Later Gabby and Dawn broke into Hazel’s house and found evidence that Jamie is still alive.

However Gabby started to become paranoid that Jamie was going to come back and take Thomas.

She ended up shooting Will in the woods, thinking he was Jamie.

Fans think Jamie might not be Thomas’s father after all (Credit: ITV)

Fans predict huge twist for baby Thomas

After Gabby told Will that she believes Jamie is alive, he hired a man named Mike to do some digging.

Earlier this week Mike told Will that someone matching Jamie’s description had been seen by Hazel’s old house and the only way to know for sure was to do a DNA test.

Will got DNA off Thomas and in last night’s episode (Thursday, June 9) Mike met up with will again.

Mike explained the DNA was not a match and the man hanging around Hazel’s was apparently her ex-boyfriend’s son.

However fans think that it was Jamie and there’s a chance Thomas isn’t actually his son.

I think it is jamie, i dont think the baby is his.#Emmerdale

— Adele Worsey (@DellyWellyC) June 9, 2022

The DNA not matching doesn’t mean that it’s not Jamie Tate. It could also mean that Thomas is not Jamie Tate’s son. #Emmerdale

— Eileen M Cumiskey (@cumiskey55) June 9, 2022

#emmerdale Big twist- turns out Thomas is not Jamie's?

— Mitch R (@mitch_r23) June 9, 2022

Do we think this storyline is were going to find out baby Thomas ain’t Jamie’s after all? I don’t know why else they are going on about it when he’s not even returning #Emmerdale

— Myley (@mardimyley33) June 9, 2022

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