Queen’s family to carry out ‘fewer royal engagements’ in huge blow to fans

8 Jun 2022, 14:45

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The Queen’s family could take part in “fewer royal engagements”, it has been claimed.

The news will doubtless come as a huge blow to fans of the monarchy.

Especially after we were treated to a four-day weekend jam-packed full of events that the royals attended.

The Queen’s mobility has been causing issues of late (Credit: Splash News)

Queen’s family to carry out fewer royal engagements?

However, one royal expert has told Entertainment Daily that with Prince Andrew, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle out of action and some working royals increasing in age, there will come a time when engagements are very few and far between.

Richard Fitzwilliams told ED! that going forward the Queen will most likely only be seen at state events.

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He said: “There is no doubt now, given the Queen’s mobility issues – and it’s so difficult to plan because it’s erratic – that she will be the one doing the state events from now on, short of something that is unpredictable.”

There is no doubt now, given the Queen’s mobility issues, that she will be the one doing the state events from now on.

He added: “And from that point of view the continuity, it’s all there, that unspoken transition. Charles has realised that the role is basically what she’s made it.”

It’s understood Prince Charles wants to head a slimmed-down version of the monarchy (Credit: Splash New)

A ‘masterstroke’ in Camilla’s favour

Richard said it was a “masterstroke” having the Duchess of Cornwall front and centre of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

And he said this will make it easier for her to transition into the role of Queen Consort.

Royal children to eventually fill engagement void

However, he added: “That scene on the balcony where we saw the Queen…

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“Before the Cambridges’ children take over engagements, there are bound to be fewer royal engagements at some point because some of the royals doing them are advanced in years.

“Princess Anne is 71, Princess Alexandra, the Duke of Kent,” he continued.

Of course, the Queen herself pulled out of many events that it was hoped she would attend over the Platinum Jubilee weekend.

Lady Louise to step up?

However, Richard did admit that perhaps Sophie and Prince Edward’s eldest, 18-year-old Lady Louise, may well join the royal rota.

“Who knows, maybe Lady Louise Windsor may take on some duties, it appears unlikely now but it’s always a possibility,” he added.

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