Emmerdale viewers all saying the same thing as Noah is sentenced to 3 months in prison

8 Jun 2022, 09:44

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Emmerdale viewers are all saying the same thing as Noah Dingle was sentenced to three months in prison for stalking and harassing Chloe Harris.

Noah was in court in last night’s episode (Tuesday, June 7) and was horrified when he was given a prison sentence for his crimes.

However fans have all been saying the same thing.

Noah tried to trap Chloe when she found out he had been stalking her (Credit: ITV)

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Emmerdale: Noah and Chloe

Noah began stalking Chloe earlier this year. He began tracking her phone and taking photos of her.

He also planted a microphone in her room to listen to her conversations and used a drone to spy on her and watch her sleep.

Eventually Chloe found out what Noah had been doing and he tried to trap her in his house.

Charity walked in and although she was determined to stop the police from finding out what her son had been up to, she later made the decision to report him to the police herself.

Charity reported Noah to police (Credit: ITV)

Noah was enraged when he found out it was his own mother who reported him.

He tried to run away but when Belle found him, she offered for him to stay at Wishing Well Cottage.

In last night’s episode Belle took Noah to court and he made it clear he didn’t want any more to do with his mum.

Despite Noah’s feelings towards Charity, she turned up to court with boyfriend Mackenzie.

Noah was sentenced to three months in prison (Credit: ITV)

Viewers all saying the same thing as Noah is sentenced to 3 months in prison

The judge spoke about how Noah put tracking software on Chloe’s phone, invaded her privacy and physically restrained her.

The judge then revealed that Noah was being given a three month custodial sentence for his crimes.

As the sentencing was read out, Noah broke down in tears and he was escorted to the holding cells.

Noah was taken away and begged for Charity to do something.

However viewers pointed out that he needs to calm down as it’s only three months and he needs to face the consequences of his actions.

Noah, you got 3 months, not 3 years. Calm down. This boy still does not understand the gravity of what he did. Charity did the absolute best thing she could have done for him by turning him in. Also, Mack and Charity don't belong together. #Emmerdale

— IStay (@IStay77) June 7, 2022

You did the right thing Charity. Noah is 18 now and is old enough to face the consequences of his actions 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #Emmerdale

— Ryan (@RyanGSoapKing11) June 8, 2022

Yes Noah needs to be punished, you can’t do that to another person without consequences, good message #Emmerdale

— soap Queen 🛁 (@CorrieTrivia) June 7, 2022

He needs to accept responsibility #Noah #Emmerdale

— SHER 💁‍♀️🇬🇧🇯🇲 (@shereneb3) June 7, 2022

It's only 3 mounts get over it, you'll come out it a real man!

— Londonsky🇬🇧🇦🇲❤💙🧡 (@HYedgarian) June 7, 2022

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