4 Coronation Street characters who are being horribly over-used

13 May 2022, 21:50

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Coronation Street has a huge, talented and varied cast – but you wouldn’t know it from some storylines.

It sometimes feels like the ITV soap is determined to shoe-horn the same few characters into every major storyline.

And it needs to change – and these characters need a rest.

Abi is exhausted – and so are we (Credit: ITV)

Abi Webster

The question must be asked – is there a storyline on Coronation Street in the last five years that Abi Webster hasn’t been in?

At this point it seems like Ken and Rita could get together and have a surprise baby and Abi would pop up as the Godmother.

She’s suffering from Michelle-Connor-itis – a serious condition where the writers decide to throw all their ideas at one character, causing viewer enragement.

Schoolgirl Summer is everywhere in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

Summer Spellman

Summer has had one of the more successful head transplants in recent Corrie history – and don’t we all know it.

Gone is the Summer who smoked one drugged cigarette and passed out in an alleyway – and here is the Summer who has never met a scene she didn’t like.

She’s got an eating disorder and diabetes – and yet she’s still in every storyline imaginable.

Give her a rest.

Sally Metcalfe

Now, a Coronation Street icon, is our Sally – but for a woman who spent the best part of three months on Dancing on Ice, she’s in a lot of episodes.

Her husband has an issue with his equipment, but it’s become more about Sally’s estate agent roleplay.

And now she’s inserted herself into Toyah’s struggles as a stepmum – because why not make Sal the busybody of the cobbles?

Another shocking storyline featuring David Platt in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

David Platt

While it’s not as bad as it was a couple of years ago when it felt like Platt Street, David does seem to be in every storyline.

Sinkhole – check. Murder – check. Drink-spiking son – check.

It’s a wonder he gets any hair cut with the way he’s going.

Time for a break, eh?

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