Emmerdale SPOILERS: 4 HUGE questions about next week’s flash-forward

3 May 2022, 19:00
3 May 2022, 11:58

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal a flashforward opens this special week of episodes.

In the gloom, viewers will see a misty graveyard with an open grave.

We also see and hear the slamming of an iron police cell door.

Soon we hear gunshot ringing out in the woods before panning up to see a smoking crumpled car steaming having just had a terrible accident.

But who is in the car, who is in the graveyard and who is in the prison cell?

Emmerdale spoilers: Who is in the graveyard?

The scenes open showing an open grave.

But with Cain and Al in the depths of their feud, Gabby fearing Jamie is back and Noah trying to trap Chloe, a number of villagers could be in danger.

Who is the grave for?

Will Noah end up in the police cell? (Credit: ITV)

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Emmerdale spoilers: Who is in prison cell?

It’s a dramatic week for many main characters in Emmerdale.

In the scenes Chloe discovers that Noah has been stalking her for weeks after rooting through his laptop.

When Noah returns home, Chloe confronts him he reacts badly and tries to stop her from taking the laptop and attempts to trap Chloe in the house.

His mother Charity is appalled to walk in on a terrifying scenario.

What will she do? Will she call the police on her own son?

Could Faith end up in prison? (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile Faith builds herself up to make things up with Cain but her attempt just angers Cain and he unleashes a torrent of abuse. Even Chas warns her to get lost.

Soon Faith is desperate to get somewhere fast, but when the bus fails to show up she picks a fight with Amelia in the street and offends her.

Self-destructive Faith makes her day a lot worse when she grabs one of Amelia’s weights and throws it through the window of Dan’s door.

Moira stands there appalled. Could it be Faith who ends up in the prison cell?

Is Gabby in danger? (Credit: ITV)

Is someone shot?

When Billy and Dawn admit there was a hooded person on the CCTV, Gabby is terrified knowing she’s home alone all day.

Dawn does her best to try and reassure her, but Gabby explains to her that her instincts are screaming at her that Jamie will return to snatch Thomas and it’s not a matter of if, but when.

Gabby makes it her mission to keep a watchful eye but it’s not long before she finds a dropped torch outside.

She panics when she checks the CCTV and sees a figure looming in the woods but who is it?

When Gabby finds a gift left for Thomas, she goes cold knowing Jamie has left it.

Before long the gun cupboard at Home Farm is broken into and the anonymous figure reaches in and takes the shotgun.

Will they shoot?

Who is involved in the car crash? (Credit: ITV)

Who is involved in the car crash?

Al is annoyed that Cain has returned his car but after finding a cable tie securing the drive shaft in the engine, he guesses Cain has further sabotaged the vehicle.

Al tells Cain to prove it’s safe he needs to drive it.

Cain agrees but drives the car at full speed down Main Street straight at Al.

Neither of the men look set to budge as Al holds his nerve standing in front of the speeding car.

Cain screeches to a halt in the nick of time. But it looks like there will be a car crash in the week.

Who will be involved?

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Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.

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